Why You Should Use Short Links to Optimize Your Brand This 2022

Why You Should Use Short Links to Optimize Your Brand This 2022
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Rarely a day goes by that the general population does not use the internet. From the older generation checking up on the news, the millennials updating social accounts or working online, to the Gen Z’s scrolling through Instagram or Tiktok—the internet has thoroughly worked its way into our daily routines.

With more online shopping, social media platforms, news outlets, etc. coming into play this coming 2022, getting the best tools for your brand is essential.

Let’s see how the short link is the tool you can use to up your game this coming year.

Short links have long been a handy online tool for the biggest brands. But this coming year, the short link could be yours. Its usage is endless, but here are the seven main reasons to use it this 2022.

1. It Is Already an Internet Staple

People are used to the short link. When you get to your favorite website or shop in your favorite online store, chances are, their links are short and crisp.

The short link has upped the game of most established brands by making their site look neat and tidy. People are so used to it that the sight of numerous, lengthy URLs can seem alien and often suspicious. Employing the short link is basically keeping up with the times.

2. It Can Be Slapped Onto Anything

The short link doesn’t belong only on the internet. After all, there’s a whole world out there just waiting to be advertised to. With its ability to be shortened and rebranded, you can place a short link just about anywhere. Written elegantly on a business card, slapped boldly onto a promotional t-shirt, or advertised in a flyer, the brevity of the short link has several advantages.

The convenience of its size isn’t limited to advertising. The short link can be placed at the end of a presentation for further details. It could also be placed on several documents (e.g., resumes, business proposals, instructions, etc.).

3. It’s Easy to Remember

If you were to physically put your brand’s name out there, one great way is to do it by word of mouth. However, this would seem to be an impossibility should you stick to the lengthy URL. Could you imagine having to recite the characters of an unshortened link?

The short link provides the perfect solution to this. Referrals by word of mouth become a simple thing when your brand’s link is simply one word or two.

4. It’s a Handy Partner to Social Media Accounts

Social media has grown and evolved massively from its prior purpose of socializing. Gone are the days when Instagram and Facebook accounts were made solely for connecting with friends or showing photos. Both social media platforms have evolved to play roles in businesses and marketing.

In these, the short link shines. Instagram bios and Facebook profiles have limited space. Pasting long URLs is something of the past, and it takes up several characters. With the short link, not only does your brand look more professional, but it also avoids confusion as your URL can be rebranded specifically to its purpose.

5. It’s Proven to Increase the Click-Through Rate

This is perhaps one of the more considerable benefits of using short links. A displayed link is the final step to a potential buyer’s browsing. After all the effort put into making your page look its best, wouldn’t the sight of the long, random characters in a URL ruin the aesthetic?

Being a staple of big brands, the customized link is more trusted. When a link is associated with a brand’s name, the potential buyer is more likely to click it. Something tells them that if a brand is confident enough to put their name on a link, it is less likely to lead to bogus sites.

6. It Ranks Better in Search Results

Yes, the shortened and customized link ranks higher than your regular URL. This is a bonus feature to the short link. Being displayed over other links in a Google search result is passive advertising—minimal effort, vast results. It seems that even Google trusts the short links better.

7. It Provides You With Detailed Analytics

This is undoubtedly the biggest reason you should be using the short link pronto. Despite its tiny stature, the short link hides a world of information. Depending on your URL shortener service provider, several additional features can be made available.

Your audience’s information—location, devices used, human or robot identification, and more—can be gathered. Information on your website’s rush hour is also available. These are only some of the features, but they present a huge advantage to your brand.

For example, you can gauge the effectiveness of your holiday sales by tracking how many potential clients click on your holiday link versus how many click on a regular link. Knowing when your website gets the most traction also indicates when it is best to make a special announcement. Having their location information allows you to adjust to your client’s culture and their specific preferences.

The information gathered could be the one thing your brand has been missing for the past few years. Adding the short link to your brand this 2022 could be the game-changer you need.

Short.io Provides a Helping Hand

Short.io is a company that provides all the mentioned features and more. With Short.io, redirect your potential clientele with visually appealing links and gather data on your site’s traffic. Read through all the available analytics and optimize your brand’s potential.

The short link has become a mainstay tool for both established multinational companies and small upstart businesses. It’s no mystery as short links are not only what is preferred today, but also what is sure to be used more so in the future.

The advantages of using it are not only for 2022, but it could also be your brand’s faithful and constant companion for years to come.

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