What's New In Short.cm

Short.cm has introduced some updates over the last two weeks. Learn the details about the new releases below.

1. A direct integration with analytical and retargeting tools (No third-party service is required).

  • Google Analytics. Track the link success with Google Analytics. Just paste a snippet code directly in Short.cm settings and observe detailed statistics.

  • Google Tag Manager. Use a GTM container ID to receive the event each time user click on the short link, and send this event to hundreds of analytical tool.

  • Facebook Pixel. Facebook shows advertisements only for those people who have clicked on a short branded link. Add a pixel code straight to Short.cm for targeting the ads.

  • AdRoll. AdRoll shows advertisements for those users who have clicked on a short link. Add a snippet code straight to Short.cm for targeting the ads.

How to set up?

  1. Go to "Retargeting" page.
  2. Paste an ID or a piece of code next to the necessary app.
  3. Save.

The article is about:

  • News in Short.cm.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Google Tag Manager.
  • Reatargeting with Facebook Pixel and Adroll.

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