Which Short.io Price Plan Is Perfect for You?

Which Short.io Price Plan Is Perfect for You?
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The online world is so intertwined with our daily lives that it seems almost impossible to go through a week without it. Even the older generations are starting to become more internet savvy. This is why having a few tools to help you take advantage of the online world is becoming more necessary.

From navigating one’s way through social media to building and designing complex websites, Short.io—an online service that specializes in links and all they can do—have a price plan for you.‌‌Let’s figure out which price plan would be most suited for your needs.

The Free Plan

While Short.io offers three affordable plans, they also have a free plan for with basic link features. Although many features are limited, the fact that it’s completely free is its largest selling point.

With the $0 plan, you’re only allowed one user. You can create brand names of custom domains 5 times a month (domain name registration fees are not included). You can also create a thousand branded links every month and they are usable over your account’s lifetime.

Link automation—the number of branded links you can make through API or Bulk create—is also set to one thousand; while you only track up to 50,000 clicks. The only thing unlimited in the $0 plan is the redirects.

Several people take advantage of Short.io’s $0 plan. It is usually enough for the beginning stages of online fame. If you want to start a blog or grow a following online, then Short.io’s 0$ plan would be perfect.

When you’re just starting, 5 custom domains, a thousand branded links and link automations, and 50,000 tracked clicks are more than enough. If you happen to grow at an unprecedented and accelerated rate, the option to upgrade is always available. Otherwise, you lose no money.

It is perfect for organizing local events and advertising them through social media. Want to organize a local fun run? Interested in throwing an epic Halloween party in your city? The $0 plan comes with no strings attached so it is helpful for a single event that needs online advertising.

The Personal Plan

The $20 Personal Plan will cost you a small amount, but you get a lot more powerful link features as well. With the $20 plan, two features allow you more numbers, another two become unlimited, and six more features become available.

When you invest $20 to a Short.io plan, tracked clicks and branded links become unlimited. You get double the amount of custom domains and 10,000 link automations. Country targeting, password protection, link expiration, link expiration by click limit, link cloaking, and referrer hiding are also some amazing additions.

Small businesses would benefit most from this plan. With link cloacking, they can make their commissions more secure. Simultaneously, they can limit the number of people who can interact with a link based on their available products.

The link expiration feature will let you hold sales and discounts. Once the promo is over, you don't have to worry your customers being put off by links leading them to expired discounts.

Budding influencers and bloggers may also appreciate the password protection feature. They can limit who gets access to their extra content by setting up passwords to links only their friend, families, or fans get to know.

The Team Plan

The $50 Team Plan has everything the Personal Plan offers and more. Aside from the 50 custom domains and 100,000 link automations, the $50 plan also offers region targeting and deep links.

While country targeting is a powerful feature, region targeting is more specific and effective. The deep links feature also allows for more convenience for your users and the app.

Although 50 dollars could be heavy for a single person or a starting, small business, it is perfect for local businesses. Local food chains, shops, schools, law firms, etc. would be great for this price plan. Even people who offer personal services could invest in this price plan.

The region targeting feature would be a great way to advertise yourself in your city. You could be a baker or a personal masseuse hoping to make regular clients in your area. Schools, restaurants, and other local businesses could use some location-based advertising as well.

If you’re an online seller who mainly interacts with customers and makes sales via Facebook or Instagram, then the deep links feature come in handy. With the deep link feature, any link clicked by your potential customers will lead them to the mobile-friendly app version.

‌‌This means your users won't be met with the browser version of the app and they will not have to log in to view your posts.

The Enterprise Plan

Finally, we have the price plan that has it all—Enterprise! This $150-plan is mainly used for huge enterprises. Every feature is available and unlimited. That’s right, you can have as many custom domains and link automations as you want.

Additional features include Multiple Teams, Single Sign-on, SLA of 99.9% uptime, and the exporting of raw click data to S3.

The Multiple Teams will allow you to create multiple user groups that can have access to several different domains. The Single Sign-on allows you to sign on any member of your organization automatically. Financial compensations are guaranteed if 99% of uptime is not maintained, and exporting raw click data to AWS S3 is an option to ensure you have access to advanced analytics.

You Can’t Put a Price on the Essentials

Although four fixed plans differ in feature availability, Short.io makes the essentials available in every plan.

Mobile targeting, Chat support, SSL (by Let’s Encrypt), QR code, 404 redirects, 301 redirect code, App Integrations, Main page redirect, Tags for Links, Destination URL updating, Link Export and Import, GDPR Privacy, and UTM Builder are all features that come with every price plan Short.io has to offer.‌‌

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