Why Short Link Services Are a Major Asset to Your Brand’s Launch

Why Short Link Services Are a Major Asset to Your Brand’s Launch
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Short links help people run and grow their businesses. That statement is a fact several brands are aware of. What people fail to realize, though, is how significant a role the short link can play when it comes to starting a business. The days before a business launch tend to be the most hectic, after all. With so much planning, managing, advertising, etc. going on, it’s hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done.

Let’s check out how a link shortening service makes everything easier for a brand’s pre-launch days!

There are a variety of ways short links can help run a business, but when it comes to a business’s first launch, there are two specific groups the short link strives in. Here is a detailed explanation of which groups it works perfectly in and how it helps.

Arguably the most instrumental part of a successful business launch is advertising. Getting the right type of advertisement and a great amount of exposure is usually the key to a booming launch. Several people hype up their business by posting it all over social media. Others offer up the best deals and promotion tactics. Whichever the strategy, the short link is armed with a few features to help.

One feature, multiple custom domains, strengthens a brand’s online presence. The multiple custom domain feature in a short link allows several variations of a name to arrive at the same site. It’s kind of like virtual real estate in which characters are claimed.

Imagine you were opening a chicken restaurant in Seattle. Potential customers craving chicken will probably google “fried chicken Seattle”. Google matches these keywords to the site that has the closest match. If you’re chicken shop is named “Fried Chicken in Seattle”, then it’s in your favor. But what if they type something else?

The multiple custom domains feature allows you to have several site names all for the same site. Your users could type something like “best fried chicken in Seattle”, “chicken in Seattle”, or other names and Google would most likely place your site higher in search results as you own the domain name closest to the keywords typed.

Another feature, link retargeting, is a great asset. Have you ever clicked an ad, mulled over buying the presented item, and then left the site, only to be exposed to more ads of the item? If so, then you’re probably familiar with link retargeting. Link retargeting targets anyone who has clicked onto your site and presents them with your ads.

This is especially effective, even when you aren’t quite open for business yet. For example, if you were to start selling jewelry online, you could show off a few of your best pieces first. When people check out your sites, they won’t necessarily be able to buy your products, but the ads that will follow them ensure that they remember your shop. It may even have them coming back for your launch.


Managing the launch of a business can be tough. Often, you won’t be alone. You’ll have someone for advertising, for analyzing statistics, for general overviews, etc. With different people doing different things on the few, hectic days before a launch, things can get confusing and messy real fast.

Fortunately, short links have a feature for that. The teams with roles feature helps when it comes to managing people and the access they have on the site. With this feature, you can give someone full access—the statistics, gathered data, etc.—to the link. At the same time, you can give someone minimal access.

This feature helps when it comes to segregating tasks. Every person on your team could be assigned a specific role so that they can do their specific responsibilities. This way, the team can work together more smoothly and minimize confusion among the people working for your brand.

UTM tracking is another managing feature to short links. This is probably one of the more useful and impressive features of short links. It’s kind of like your virtual assistant. It keeps track of the best and worst assets of online advertisements.

Online advertisement is probably the most powerful form of advertisement in today’s modern world. It would be hard to find an adult without a smartphone or who isn’t exposed to the internet daily. Facebook alone has 2.9 billion users. That number is approximately 37% of the world’s population. With such online interaction, it isn’t a surprise that online ads have skyrocketed.

This is why the UTM tracking feature is so appropriate for launch advertisements. With this feature, you can gauge how many respondents you have. When you post links on social media (or anywhere on the internet), you can post them with a UTM tag. This way, the number of people who click on every link is information counted and recorded for you to analyze.

The feature is also helpful when it comes to figuring out which service or product may be a potential hit. UTM tracking can also tell you which posts or ads get the most clicks, after all. When you know how effective your advertisements are, you can make an informed decision on whether you should speed up or delay your brand’s launch.

Short.io Offers More

All of the aforementioned features are sure to be helpful in any business launch. Not all of a short link’s features, however, were stated. There are several more ways a short link can help a business. Check out Short.io to see just how powerful a short link can be and how it could help your business prosper.

Digging Deeper

This article may have presented you with a few examples and a simple explanation of the advantages of subscribing to a link shortening service. Still, a short link is armed with both humble and complex features—all of which would be an asset to your brand. Further research on short links may prove to be a wise choice for your brand.

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