Why Your People Need Personalized Company Links

Why Your People Need Personalized Company Links
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Links have taken over the world—the online world, that is. What once did not exist is now an integral part of millions (if not billions) of lives. Fortunately for us, links have evolved since the dawn of the internet.

With the world being captivated by the internet, it's only natural that links—the only source of online transportation—have become more relevant than ever. So why not use customized short links for your company and your people?

Let's check out how links can help you and your employees.

There are several reasons why links are great for employees. Many features can apply to all sorts of jobs, but here are four reasons companies should start subscribing to URL shortening services for their employees.

1. Pretty Online, Pretty Offline

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Today, it is pretty rare to find a successful company without its website. Even the smallest businesses know that having your products, FAQs, contact info, etc., online would be a significant advantage. Hence, giant social media platforms have opened the "business account" feature.

Now, with the sea of sites online, how exactly do we get people to our sites? One simple way is through your very own employees. When you customize links to your brand and make them pretty enough for the public, you make them pretty enough to be on calling cards, pens, paper bags, etc.

It's a walking advertisement. Employees can print out their business cards with your branded link. Or you can give your clients promotional items such as pens, so they find their way into new and curious eyes.

At the same time, customized links can be placed on employees' LinkedIn profiles. If the branded links are uniform and appropriate, they will contribute to the company's overall professionalism and prestige.

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One more thing—sometimes, links can be cumbersome to type, especially if you're printing them. For this reason, why not use QR codes instead? That way, when someone sees your link and wants to visit your employee's company profile, all they need is to scan your QR code, and voila! They're instantly sent to the official company page.

When the link to your site is brief and pretty enough, you can place it on virtually anything—online or offline.

2. More Efficient Presentations

When you do business, presentations are unavoidable. Presentations on sales, new merchandise, new services, proposals, etc., are bound to be held. Some, however, can be unbearably long and ineffective as there is only so much information an employee can remember immediately.

That's where short links come in as well. Placed strategically at the end of a presentation or a printed business proposal, you allow employees or potential partners to check out more information without taking so much of their time.

Plus, the links can be secured and controlled. If you want to ensure that only your potential client can access their personalized presentation page, you can equip the short link for that page with the Password Protection feature. That way, you can ensure that only the people with the correct password can access it.

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There is also the Link Expiration feature in which you can control what date and time the link will become unavailable, as well as control what happens to the link after it expires. This way, your users will avoid irrelevant information in the future.

Link Redirects are also a useful feature. If a link has already expired/is nonexistent, then you can redirect them to your chosen page. With this, links of ex-employees that still receive traffic can be redirected to current employees.

3. Tracking Statistics

Another advantage to short links is that they can spill secrets. Of course, by secrets, we mean statistics. Information such as how many clicks a link has, how many people visited your page per link, the general location of visitors, etc., is readily available.

You can track how effective your employee is by looking at the number of visits and conversions they have via their personalized short link. If one of your people happens to have increased traffic, then you can implement their marketing strategies across your team.

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On the other hand, if one of your people has decreased traffic, then you know who to help so they can improve their numbers.

You can also tell if your whole team has visited your site if you're handling a team. For example, if you have a team of 25 employees who you require to visit your site for updates, if you equip your site with Password Protection, you will know if all 25 have viewed your site by the number of clicks.

4. Teams with Roles

Speaking of teams, one of the best features a short link can offer for company employees is the Teams with Roles feature. This feature allows for proper role segregation. Whether you have people handling temporary marketing campaigns or have a specialist handling the company website regularly, the Teams with Roles feature is perfect.

The Teams with Roles have four roles: the Owner, Admin, User, and Read-only. The Owner is the single role to which only one person can be assigned. They are the ones who can create and delete teams. All actions related to the link are permitted to the Owner role.

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After the Owner is the Admin. Unlike the Owner, there can be several Admins, and they can assign roles to members. Admins can even assign members to be Admins as well. They have full access, and they can manage domains and members.

The User and Read-only roles are the ones with the least actions. They can either create, edit, or share links. They also have access to the statistics of the domain. The Read-only, as its name suggest, may only read links and statistics.

This hierarchy blends well with several manager-employee settings within a company, especially when working on a project together.

Short.io and Your Company

Short.io is a URL shortening service that offers every feature mentioned above and more. If you are impressed by or interested in the features you've just read about, Short.io is perfect for you as it has dozens more that could help you and your employees' everyday work affairs.

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