Top 10 Expert Email Marketing Tips For 2021

Top 10 Expert Email Marketing Tips For 2021

When well-implemented, email marketing can be an effective way to increase brand loyalty and boost conversions. Globally, people send numerous emails daily, with the number continuing to rise steadily.

Although you may want to do business through emails, it does not mean that all recipients are bound to open your links. Having a functional strategy may maximize your efforts, boost conversions and subsequently create a successful business. Here are the top ten expert email marketing tips to try in 2021.

Create a workable email marketing plan

The success of email marketing depends on how well you plan and follow the schedule. Before creating an email marketing plan, understand the pros and cons of email marketing and decide whether to combine it with other strategies or not.

Creating an email marketing plan starts with defining an audience- whether you are targeting existing customers, prospects, or both. After defining your audience, create a list on social media or with the website's opt-in forms. Based on the list, you can create your list's content strategy to promote the brand and drive conversions.

Create personalized emails

According to tech paper writers on NinjaEssay, the advancements in AI technology make it possible to attain mass email personalization for your business. One of the ways to personalize emails is by adding the name of the recipient in every email, even if you are sending the emails in bulk.
Some email marketing tools have email templates and also offer general personalization, such as adding the receiver's names. Choose a functional email template and select the option to add the names of receivers to your emails.

Optimize the CTAs

CTA optimization is an evergreen strategy and very effective in increasing conversions and promoting brand loyalty. The main aim of sending emails is to encourage recipients to click on CTAs and take action. The action could be to explore your latest services or products or read a particular article.
Ensure that the CTAs are strategically positioned and clearly visible within the body of your email without necessarily using bright red buttons. You can just add a link in the body of your email and ensure that it fits naturally.

Create compelling subject lines

Email subject lines are some of the most important elements of email marketing campaigns for any business. Most people choose to open or not to open an email based on the subject lines, so you need to pay more attention to it.

Keeping the subject line simple and short is one of the most effective ways to grab the recipients’ attention. Create a subject line that conveys the actual email content and use humor to make it stand out. You can also personalize or make it shocking and controversial to generate curiosity and encourage clicks.

Shortening long URLs may hide UTM tags, enhance the email copy readability and track clicks on external platforms. In addition to generating links with minimal characters, link shorteners could enable you to include a domain name to allow users to relate it with your brand.

Use URL shorteners for links that are not evergreen because a shortener service can break down, thereby breaking the previously generated links. If you send emails through an email service provider, then there is no need to include shortened links to your email marketing campaigns.

Shorten Links for Emails

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Use multimedia content

Including visuals in your emails, such as custom GIFs, videos, and well-designed graphics, may make them eye-catching and increase open rates. You can use visuals to show off new product listings and encourage customers to try them.

An email that contains text only may look good but is not as impactful as the one with visuals. The purpose of visuals is to boost email readability and you can achieve this by structuring the emails well and making them short.

Make the emails mobile-friendly

Many people prefer using their tablets or mobile phones to access their emails and do shopping. When coming up with an email marketing strategy, use email templates that are mobile-responsive to ensure that the emails can be read from any mobile device.

Avoid using large images that may take more time to load on phones or tablets. Keep the sentences short of promoting readability and ensuring that the emails appear well on mobile devices as they do on personal computers.

Avoid email spamming

People tend to miss out on some emails because of having so many on them in their inboxes. If a customer fails to open the first email, create a different heading and send a follow-up email.

If a customer missed the first message, a follow-up is a great opportunity to pass the message. You should avoid sending so many follow-up emails because this may spam the recipients’ inboxes.

Use A/B testing

One of the most effective ways to boost conversions is by identifying what works best for you and focusing on those strategies. The analytics offered by your email service provider may facilitate data collection regarding the performance of various messages.

You can also use the opt-in forms to find out the best-performing combination of email messages. Other metrics to track include spam constraints, click rate, open rate, unsubscribe rate, and bounce rate.

Create powerful preview text

Preview text, which is often overlooked by many marketers, is an email’s first line that people see before opening their emails. It is an important part of a message because it can influence the recipients’ decision to open the email.

Use an attractive preview text to compel the recipients to open emails and take the desired action. The preview text should be relevant and short and convey the most important information to influence your readers.


Email marketing is an integral part of digital marketing efforts because it can yield tangible benefits for your business. If you have not paid attention to it, try implementing the above strategies in stages and monitor performance with time. This will be an effective way to increase engagement, boost conversions and maximize the returns on investment. Get started with the above strategies in 2021 and see how successful your business is going to be.

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