7 Short Link Features You Need for Your Christmas Sales

7 Short Link Features You Need for Your Christmas Sales
Photo by Tamanna Rumee / Unsplash

It's the Christmas season. Colorful lights decorate homes, people set up Christmas trees and snowmen, and Mariah Carey's voice is active in virtually every playlist. Kids hope to make it to Santa's "nice" list, and parents are dipping into their savings to find the perfect gift.

Something about Christmas makes people a little more generous, a little more extravagant with their money. Tis' indeed a season to be jolly, but it's also a season to get ready. With the year's biggest holiday in mind, your sales can skyrocket.

But how can you compete with the millions of other shops rearing to get into the holiday rush? Here are seven reasons why short links give you an advantage during the Christmas season.

The Christmas season is often the busiest and most competitive time of the year. Brands worldwide launch new sales and bargains that several customers can't resist. While the rest of the world is fighting to stand out, link retargeting does you better—it ensures clients remember you.

With link retargeting, any viewer who clicks on your ad immediately gets a target on their virtual back. They will be exposed to your ads even if they leave your site. This feature is perfect for the holidays, as people are less hesitant to purchase things.

So, when they view an ad for your product, click on it, and decide to give it a day to vacillate over purchasing it. Link retargeting reminds your potential client of your product and encourages them to buy it.

2. Geotargeting

United States seen from orbit
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Geotargeting is another excellent feature for the holiday rush. Several people travel and check out the local products to take home for the holidays. And if you're near a tourist spot, geotargeting works even better! But how exactly does geotargeting work?

Geotargeting works pretty much as its name suggests—it targets based on the set location. With geotargeting links, you can target a specific area. So, if you want to drive locals and tourists to see the Christmas sales in your brick-and-mortar store, you can geotarget your ads, ensuring that only those nearby will see your ads.

Pretty soon, you'll see people filling up your store, allowing them to enjoy your sweet Christmas sale!

3. Mobile Targeting

Yet another form of targeting is mobile targeting. Mobile targeting can be used as a form of marketing by ensuring your ads appear on people's phones when connected to the internet.

Now, with geotargeting and link retargeting, you may think mobile targeting is redundant. However, you'd be mistaken. That's because over half of global internet traffic is mobile. Even on YouTube, people watch from their mobiles more. 63% of YouTube viewership comes from mobiles. With these in mind, wouldn't targeting mobile phones be a tremendous marketing asset?

Plus, along with Christmas break comes an increased amount of free time. This free time also means increased mobile time for most Gen Z's and millennials. It's the perfect opportunity to catch one's attention and introduce them to your brand.

Photo by Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

Do you want to stand out when it comes to advertising? Do you wish to appear up-to-date and modern with your younger viewers? Perhaps you'd like to offer convenience to your customers? Then QR-coded links are for you.

With ads popping up here, there, and everywhere—all desperate to be seen before the Christmas season ends—QR-coded links are the modern way to stand out. Large colorful letters and colorful flyers are great, but the mysterious pattern and the techy aspect of the QR code seem to catch much attention as well.

Not fully convinced yet? Check out our reasons why your local business should use a QR code and how you can easily set it up with Short.io.

5. Teams Feature

While crafty forms of advertising are essential, being prepared and organized to accommodate an influx of sales is equally (if not more so) important.

As previously stated, Christmas is often the most significant and busiest time of the year for brands. Are you sure you and your team are ready?

One helpful way to get things in order is using a short link's teams feature. This feature allows four roles: owner, admin, user, and read-only. Every position has different levels of access and control.

We lessen miscommunication when everyone has their specific role to fill along with the assigned and intended permissions. Employees and colleagues can focus on their tasks without the confusion of advanced access and controls. Assigned and limited access ensures that everyone is doing their necessary duties.

And even if some of your staff and colleagues take a vacation, you can ensure that other team members on deck can access and modify your short links as necessary.

Photo by Jon Moore / Unsplash

So, perhaps you've found a way to advertise successfully and prepare yourself for new customers. However, some people don't like clicking on affiliate links and actively invalidate your hard work by copying the URL without your affiliate markers.

Link cloaking helps shorten and customize your link to look more professional while simultaneously preventing people from stopping you from making your hard-earned commissions.

Link cloaking is basically a requirement for affiliate marketing. By hiding your links, you ensure you earn your necessary commissions from every click on your page.

While you should prepare for the Christmas rush, you must also remember to prepare for the mess that comes after. When you launch your holiday campaigns, you create a ton of links and share them widely. But what would happen to those links after the Christmas season ends?

For others, they'll lead to page errors—dead ends. This case should never happen to your brand. It can not only be regarded as unprofessional but also frustrate clients.

So how do you solve this? With link expiration. With this feature, you can ensure that your links will redirect to your main page redirect once they hit a specific date and time or your chosen number of clicks.

If you want to easily implement all the features we discussed, then get a Short.io account. It's truly impressive that all these features are hidden in a simple short link.

However, don't be fooled. Short.io's short links are equipped with far more remarkable features. Best of all, you can start using it for free. Perhaps it's time to put Short.io on your Christmas Wishlist!

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