The Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program

The information provided below is outdated - our Affiliate program was discontinued on August 23, 2022.

Affiliate marketing is an additional tool for promoting a brand and raising income. Affiliate programs make sense for businesses and people who want to set one more channel of earning money.

Three primary roles are involved in an affiliate program:

  • a business – the service that launches an affiliate program (like Amazon, Airbnb,;
  • a partner – the one who takes part in the affiliate program and promote a particular affiliate link to get a reward;
  • an internet user – the one who clicks an affiliate link and purchases a product.

There are several types of affiliate programs, depending on the reward a service offers to its partners. The bonus could be paid for:

1. Sales – probably the most effective choice for a business: a partner is paid a particular percentage of the purchase made by an internet user. Money is transferred after a user has made a purchase.

2. Clicks – when an internet user clicks an affiliate link, the partner gets a reward. However, the cost per click is just a few cents, whereas the cost per sale could vary from 5% to 30% of the purchase. By “hanging out” the affiliate link in a “visible” place, partners promote the affiliate link to attract more visitors and clicks.

3. Registration – if a user, who clicks an affiliate link, fills out a form or answers some questions, a partner gets a reward. This scheme is used to conduct marketing research or create a database of potential customers.

A Concept of the Affiliate Program has launched the affiliate program to attract new customers and let someone raise a passive income. follows the first type of affiliate program—paying the reward for purchases. The affiliate program is built on the LinkMink service. Tracking commission values, leads, referrals, and paid payout takes place via the LinkMink account.

Note: After a user, who came from an affiliate, upgrades to the paid plan, pays 30% of this plan to the affiliate. leverages PayPal when issuing payouts. If you don't currently have a PayPal account, create one so that you can earn commission.

Joining and participating in the affiliate program is simple and consists of some straightforward steps:

  1. Registration in the affiliate program, getting an affiliate link, providing a PayPal address to receive the reward. Follow the link to participate in the affiliate program:
  1. After the registration, share your link and track the URL success in the LinkMink account.

  2. If a user who came through an affiliate link upgrades to a paid pricing plan, a 30% commission is credited to a PayPal account. The review of paid or in-transit payouts can be tracked in LinkMink.


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