Single Sign-On Software Integrates With

Single Sign-On Software Integrates With

Single Sign-On, or SSO, is a technique that allows users to sign in to the applications with single credentials. SSO simplifies the way team members can log into the accounts. After one login, users get access to all enterprise applications.

Most enterprises apply Single Sign-On not only to simplify the process of registration but also to save time for administrators when working on access management. provides Single Sign-on for better team management. An administrator doesn't need to add team members one by one. After configuring SSO via an application for a corporate email, team members can log in by using only the email. SSO Setup Guides


Today, on the blog, we'll walk you through a list of single sign-on applications that applies for SSO login.

Important: The SAML providers listed below are not the only providers integrates with. We configure single sign-on via any SAML provider. The providers below are the common ones.

1. G Suite

G Suite is a service from Google for collaborative app management. Most Enterprises apply G Suite to create a corporate business email and configure other collaborative applications like shared Google Calendar. G Suite provides configuring SSO apps for a single login. By adding apps to G Suite and making some configuration steps, the team members will then have access to the apps by using the corporate email.

Single Sign-On is available on G Suite starting from the Basic plan.


2. Okta

Okta connects teams with enterprise shared applications. The service identifies users on enterprise applications as the cloud service. Using Okta, administrators manage employees' access to any application without manual adding. Okta integrates with identity management systems, which help to detect users that are trying to log in. Okta is available for 4000+ apps, among them are directories and identity systems. If there is a needed application not on Okta, you can create a request to add it.


3. OneLogin

With OneLogin, logging in to all enterprise cloud applications is simplified with secure one-login access for employees, colleagues, and clients. OneLogin provides access at once to all team members instead of requiring them to register manually. The interface of OneLogin is easy to understand, which allows configuring SSO quickly for application.


4. Office365

Office365 is a part of the Microsoft applications. Together with Azure, Office365 provides a solution to manage access to cloud applications. Office365 makes the process of logging in easier for Microsoft-based users. Once it is correctly configured, the integration with the SAML identity provider can be used to simplify logging in to the enterprise applications.


5. Salesforce

Salesforce is an independent SAML provider that allows end-users to access web enterprise applications securely with one login. By adding applications to Salesforce, you can open access to users for quick login. Once team members are added, Salesforce allows signing them in to all enterprise-based apps with the corporate email.



Single Sign-On is an enterprise-based tool that will come in handy for easily logging in to In addition to using the services mentioned above, you can also configure SSO via ADFS, PingFederate, SiteMinder, SSOCircle, or any other you have in mind.

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