Create short links in your app with API

Create short links in your app with API

Despite easy-to-use interface, you have a chance to implement shortening functions to your app through the application programming interface (API). The technical details of using API you will find in API docs. API is based on using API key. With API key, you are allowed to use API and, as a result, features. Moreover, API keys let check for what purpose API is used. This helps to avoid facing frauds.
For passing authentication process, you need to send an API key as Authorization header. Each registered user will find his/her API key in “Integrations &API”.

After installing shortening functions to the app, customers will have a chance to use your branded domain, for example, like Twitter users who shorten links with Furthermore, customers can create short links with their own branded domain, what adds the value to them. API extends possibilities of using short links. With API, you integrate to your application the following operations:

  • to request the domain list;
  • to get the original URL;
  • to shorten a long link;
  • to edit the title or short path of original URL;
  • to delete URL;
  • to observe the statistics of shortened URL.

API is available for all types of price plans. The only thing you should do is just to be a user.
In case of obstacles, feel free to contact support.

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