How to Avoid Being Blacklisted

How to Avoid Being Blacklisted

Email marketing is a commonly used technique to spread the word about your brand. The initial objectives are to increase brand awareness, customer retention, and revenue.

However, often the emails don't reach the recipients, ending up in a spam folder. Strict requirements and spam filters or a personal contact selection are the reason for email blacklisting. The causes of being blacklisted are immense. For example, handling an IP address that previously was used by spammers, leveraging a generic domain that spammers used to apply for malicious purposes, frequent and annoying email marketing that made recipients mark emails as spam. Blacklists are intended to protect against harmful or malicious content.

Why Being Blacklisted is Harmful to Email Marketing

As it was mentioned above, email marketing is a way to engage more customers and yield profit. Being blacklisted means that no email can be delivered to the recipients as the used domain or IP address is listed among the malicious addresses. The list is called a "blacklist." All sent emails, notwithstanding the content, will end up in the spam folder.

Stop Doing These Things in Email Marketing


Ending up on a blacklist can be detrimental to your email marketing campaign that serves for conversion, leads, and revenue. Taking an immediate action to submit a delisting request is the top priority if you want to save your time, effort, and money.

How to Prevent Being Blacklisted

Getting off of a blacklist isn't easy, so do your best not to get there. The foremost rule is to be nice. Stop sending a huge number of emails in an effort to break through to recipients. Think about composing brief, clear, and narrative emails that encourage people to make a desirable action.


via GIPHY has a solution for how to avoid being blacklisted due to a malicious domain or IP address.

When applying URLs in emails, shorten links with a custom domain. It is vital to focus on a branded domain and avoid leveraging the generic "" domain. The free domain is only provided for testing, because spammers, who use for free for malicious purposes, have compromised

Adding a branded domain to is free, so it costs you nothing to secure the deliverability of your emails. One benefit lies in the fact that allows tracking of the email open rate and the detailed statistics of short URLs.

Wrapping Up

Even though email marketing is an efficient method of driving conversion, it also requires being attentive to details and following the rules to succeed.

How to Track Email Open Rate with


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