Chatbots: Improve Your Customer Service

Chatbots: Improve Your Customer Service

A chatbot is a software program that pretends to be a human when communicating with users in messengers or a website. Chatbots help to automate tasks by working on a specific algorithm. They’re having a dialogue with the users, fulfilling their requests, and answering the questions.

The way chatbots work is by using AI to study human communication to respond in a particular situation. applies the simplest chatbot in our online chat support. When you answer a question, the bot offers a list of matching to your question articles.

How to create sms and call bots with and Twilio


What Lines of Business can Use a Chatbot

Every day more and more areas are starting to leverage virtual assistants.

  • Telecommunications. Here the chatbot reports the changes in a current price plan, helps manage the user account, and is used for technical support.

  • Finance. The most common scenarios for using a bot are: simplify transfers, exchange currencies, block or activate a card, and perform other functions.

  • Transport companies and tourism. Virtual assistants can significantly simplify the planning of the trip. They book and buy tickets, build a route map, provide online registration.

  • Fashion and beauty. Bots provide high-quality and personalized content that will increase the attractiveness of the brand for potential customers.

Examples are a review of recent trends, item selection assistance, useful tips, catalogs provision, remaining goods, delivery supervision, and so on.

  • Restaurants. In the catering business, bots can automate many processes. For example, make an order, book a table, order goods delivery, and pay for it.

Chatbots can be used in every line of business. The above are just some examples.

Bot's responsibilities

The Bot automates

The task of a chatbot is to automate manual users’ actions. That’s useful when tracking parcels, ordering a taxi, or checking the weather forecast.

The bot helps

The chatbot recognizes the clients’ requests and provides the required response without human help. If the request exceeds the bot’s knowledge, the client is switched to a manager who receives the full history of messages between the bot and a client. These chat options are relevant to the support services for answering the FAQ.

The bot searches fast

The bot is equipped with AI, which contains a vast number of questions and answers. Under these circumstances, a bot looks for necessary information faster than a person. This is usually relevant to manage documentation in an insurance or law firm.

The bot orders

Such a bot quickly looks for the necessary goods and orders them via a messenger, not a website. This saves the client’s time because the bot performs many tasks via the chat and then sends requests to the browser to finish an order. Such chatbots are usually used in booking tickets or accommodation.

The bot collects leads

The bot collects information about whether the customers enjoy the service or not. The bot collects data about the user, product, or service. By performing these functions, bots exempt managers from some routine work.

The bot entertains

The bot involves generating memes, conducting text games, quizzes, and so on.

Chatbot for messengers helps to keep in touch with customers, inform them about promotions, updates, and additional information, without falling asleep their mailboxes.

Great examples of bots are Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. The bot can extract contextual information such as location, and state information like chat history, or suggest appropriate solutions in a specific situation. Help Center



A virtual assistant can answer the most common and one-type questions regarding delivery, payment, and so on. Chatbots are useful to make the business more interactive, paying attention to each client.

What did you learn?

  • What is chatbot?
  • How do chatbots increase conversion?
  • The importance of using short links and chatbots.

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