Our Response to COVID-19 Outbreak

Our Response to COVID-19 Outbreak

We understand some of our customers will experience tough financial times due to COVID-19. If you are having trouble keeping up with your Short.io payments, please let us know via support, and our team will consider the request and submit a proposal to help. For transparency, we can help with our own products that relate to shortening links. Unfortunately, selling domains doesn't lie within our power as it's based on the domain provider rates.

On another side of the crisis are those who try to take advantage of the situation by carrying out acts of fraud. In response, we are actively working with malicious websites and taking down any fraudulent or abusive domains or short URLs related to COVID-19. This includes banning short links and domains that contain certain terms such as "coronavirus," "covid," "vaccine," "cov19," and "pandemic," so they cannot be used for malicious purposes. If you have a legitimate use for a link or a domain that contains one of these terms, our support team is available to review it. For this, leave a request in support with the proofs for the legitimate use.

It's always important to look out for each other and give each other assistance where we can. We wish you and your family good health.

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