Stop Doing These Things in Customer Service

Stop Doing These Things in Customer Service

Poor customer service may have a bad influence on customer satisfaction, retention, and your business. You need to have each customer to be satisfied with your support. If your potential user leaves a service unsatisfied, he/she won’t return.

Each business makes customer service mistakes. Errors are an inevitable part of any activity. However, it’s essential to find the mistakes, admit them, and correct. In this article, we’ll consider the main customer service mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Hiding basic information about the service.

The necessary information may include pricing, working hours, and address. Why do customers need to contact support for such a minor question?

If the basic information is absent on your website or social network pages, some customers will just leave the service and won't back. Such a minor mistake makes them think the service is unprofessional.

2. Absence of the contact information.

How will a customer contact support if there are no contact details on the page? The contact page lets increase brand trust and get in touch with the company quickly. Some customers won’t search for the contacts purposely on the Internet. They’ll think that the service is suspicious.

Add a section "Contacts," where you can list phone numbers; email address; physical address; skype; social media links. Remember to add a chat bulb to the website for a quick contact.

3. Providing a customer with incorrect information.

Learn how to listen to the customers and give them an accurate as well short answer. Customers appreciate practical and workable solutions. Avoid situations when providing a customer with an incorrect answer. If you can’t understand what a customer wants, ask the questions which let you give a perfect solution.

If you don’t know the answer on the customer’s request, apologize for that and switch a dialog to a more experienced team member. Note: Don’t transfer a customer too many times; it may badly influence the brand reputation. Take as a rule to transfer customers only once, and only in critical situations. Train a lot to take care of most issues.

The gold rule for the chat support is to under-promise and over-deliver on that promise you’ve made. That method lets surprise customers with the service.

4. A long wait-time answer.

Your customers and potential buyers can contact you at any time to ask about a product or report a bug. The last thing you can to do is let their tickets be lost in the inbox.

There is a reason people are turning to alternative customer support. It’s because they want their information quickly. They don’t want to wait too long, especially if the question is urgent. Customers don’t like to be kept waiting. It irritates them most.

Making a customer waits too long could lead to a customer leaving a negative feedback or a potential buyer not making a purchase. To prevent this scenario, make one hour every day to go through the tickets. Determine the most common questions, and then create an FAQ document with the replies.

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