E-mail marketing: What do you need to know?

E-mail marketing: What do you need to know?

One of the main strategies for business success is e-mail marketing. However, nobody wants to receive many boring and annoying mails. For avoiding dissatisfied customers and reaching high open rate follow some essential tips!

1. Personalize.

There are many ways you can personalize your e-mail. The best one is to add customer’s name. In case of a formal letter, the surname is also the central part of personalizing.
Personalized messages make customers feel their significance and respect.

2. The theme of mail.

The brief theme of mails is everything. It helps users to economize time and at once understand the letter content. Moreover, simplify the text of the mails. One idea – one mail. Make sure the information is relevant to the customer you speak to.

3. Include action-oriented phrase.

It is essential to include the action-oriented phrase, which helps to push customers to buy the product, follow the link, read the article and so on.
For example, with a short phrase like “Get 50% discount your next order within this week. Buy now: food.delivery/pizza” you will get tens of orders.

Short branded links help you to increase CTR, especially if the link is with UTM tags. Nobody sees them, but you know how, when and from where customers click on your site.

4. A/B testing.

Set A/B testing for message headers to understand which one is more profitable.

5. Full screen mails.

All mails should be easy-to-read from both PC and smartphone. You don’t know which device customers use for opening your letter. Make various mail templates with appropriate CRT size.

6. Timing.

Choose the appropriate time for sending mails. Usually, the highest open-rate is from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. It is considered that being at work, people open mails more frequently. Moreover, it depends on the business segment. If talking, for example, about food delivery the best time is in the evening. It is difficult for people to cook at the end of the day. What is more, the appetite is higher in the evening than in the afternoon.

For better results, choose the right time for your brand. Point different timing to understand when customers are ready for opening letters.


Many brands prefer not to include e-mail marketing to brand promotion, while other think that ten mails per week are the best way to increase CTR. To a pity not! One message per week or even per month is enough for brand recognition.

Hope our advice help you to set the right e-mail marketing.
Feel free to contact Short.cm support!

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