Eventbrite and Short.cm Zap

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Eventbrite and Short.cm Zap

Use an Eventbrite, if you want more people to get to learn about your event, whether it is a music show, exhibition, workshop session or something else.
Thanks to this app, you have a chance to create an event and sell tickets online. So that, people manage to find happenings data easily.

However, the problem is as usual in a long URL, which hinder a successful promotion of the event.
For this reason, Short.cm has launched integration with Zapier. Among hundreds of applications, you will find an Eventbrite. After that, you may create a Zap for it and Short.cm.

This Zap simplifies a way of shortening a link.
Each time you create a new event, Zapier sends a new short URL automatically to the Short.cm dashboard.
Therefore, you don’t need to make both event and a short link.

We recorded a visual instruction of how to launch this Zap.
But before watching make sure you have accounts in Zapier, Short.cm and Eventbrite.