and Facebook Zap and Facebook Zap

Every day we create short links.
Every day we use various tools for promoting the brand.
Every day we make posts on social networks for increasing the brand recognition.

To simplify the workflow and make it almost automatic – use key apps, which will allow you to decrease the workload.
Recently has launched Zapier integration. for customers comfort. So that, it will inevitably come you in handy.
One of the key Zaps is the integration between and Facebook.

Facebook is a worldwide social network, which lets you introduce the brand and boost its CTR.
You make posts for users to keep them informed with the latest news happened in the company.

How does a Zap between and Facebook work?

When the next short branded link is created in, the post will be automatically made on your Facebook page.
You may also set up a particular data when to publish a message.

Just have Zapier as well as accounts.
As a result, you do not need to create both new short link and a post about its appearing.

For customizing this Zap go to Zapier account and look for a in a search line.


Then you will face all possible integrations between Short cm and other apps. Find Facebook among them and click on “Use this Zap”.
After that, you will be redirected to the instruction page for creating and Facebook Zap.


The only thing you should do is to choose a necessary Facebook page, where new short links will be published, and to log both in and Facebook accounts.

This integration is the best for those who want to have the audience engaged with new short branded links. Furthermore, posts will be brief and clear. This will inevitably help to grab customers attention..

Watch the video tutorial for clear comprehension of how to customize this Zap.

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