Public Free Shortener Public Free Shortener has launched a public link shortener on a free domain. Now you don't need to have a account to create and share short links.

Advantages of the shortener

  1. No need to create an account on
  2. No limits for link shortening.
  3. Free short link creation.

Short.fy Free Shortener

Shorten Links for Free

Use cases for using Shortener

1. Social Network Bio.

If you wanted to fill your social network bio with short links but didn't have the desire to deal with all that registration stuff, now the time has come. With the Free Shortener, you can shorten a link without registration and add it to your bio, allowing followers to learn about you more by visiting your website, blog, e-shop, etc.

2. SMS Marketing.

Since SMS messages have a limited number of characters, sending long links is no longer the right choice. Sharing short links saves characters and won't confuse recipients with a long URL.

3. Sharing with colleagues/friends/family.

Sharing a tiny URL is much more pleasant for the sender, and receiving a short link is much more pleasant for a recipient. For example, you can send a CV to your future employer with a short URL, showcasing your technological awareness. Sending your homework in the form of a short URL will please your teacher. And sharing a photo album from your exciting holiday using a short link will astonish your family and friends (of course, not more so than your cool photos :)).


Using a free link shortener has no limits in its usage. It's a good chance to try something new and stand out from others.

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