has Launched Australian Servers has Launched Australian Servers now provides services in an Australian region to speed up links in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

Configuration Steps

If you use a CNAME record, and if you have bought a domain from us, there is no need to change anything—all your redirects have become faster. Unfortunately, there is no way to use the new servers if you have configured domains with A records. Please update your configuration by changing A records to CNAME records with the "" value to speed up your short links.

How Records Work

Basically, provides servers in America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. Our users set up a DNS with A and CNAME records. But what's the difference, and why do we now insist on changing A records to CNAME ones?

A records redirect visitors strictly based on IP addresses. For example, if an A record is set up with an IP for America, all visitors, even from New Zealand, will be redirected to a link based on the IP address of America. Sometimes that could cause slight delays.

With CNAME records, the work process is different. When a short domain is configured with a CNAME record, we automatically detect the nearest IP address and server and redirect a visitor in the shortest way. For example, if a visitor is from Australia, we automatically detect their location and redirect based on the Australian server. If a visitor is from Europe, we redirect them based on the European IP address.

Such configuration helps us to make redirects automatic and fast. That impacts the work speed of short URLs.

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