How to Use Facebook Ads to Reach Global Markets

How to Use Facebook Ads to Reach Global Markets

Reaching a global audience is not a piece of cake. You need exceptional skills, experience, commendable strategies, and a thorough understanding of the audience.

If you are worried about targeting the international audience in your next campaign, do not worry! Today, I am going to share some valuable tips for targeting global markets.

So, let's begin:

⦁ Translate Ads for the Local Audience

Never make the mistake of using the same ads for every country. If an ad is doing well in one country, you may use Ads Manager to translate the ads for a new audience.

Here is how you can do it:

⦁ Notice the ad section where the language is mentioned. This will give you two options; you can choose between Facebook's automatic translations or use your translation.
⦁ Now, when you select the "Add language" option, various languages will appear. Select the language in which you want to translate your ads.

Automatic Vs. Self-Translation – Which is better?

No matter which option you select, you will be able to translate the entire ad, including the headline, description, website URL, etc. However, it depends on the amount of content you need to translate.

If it is a big campaign, you can simply go for the auto-translation. Once the ads are translated, they will automatically start appearing in front of the local audience.

On the other hand, if the content is small and your budget is low, you can self-translate the ads for more accuracy. But, make sure that you are fluent enough. You can also hire a language expert for accurate translation.

Responding To Comments and DM's

Remember to answer all the comments and DM's in the same language in which you have translated the ads. It will help in building a strong bond with the prospects. Additionally, it will help others to understand your business better. Therefore, be sure to have an excellent translator for answering all queries.

How to Hire a Translator?

Make a profile on freelancing sites like Upwork. Thousands of freelancers are there who work on an hourly basis. Select a few and conduct online interviews. Once you have hired a freelancer, discuss your content. Also, ask the translator to manage your Facebook and FAQs page.

⦁ Structure the Ad Campaign

When you are planning to enter new markets, structure your campaign in a new way is imperative. Therefore, you need to create an outline and split the campaign into three key parts; start, middle, and end.

Once you have set up the funnel, set your campaign so that AI will know the requirement of delivery for each funnel. In this way, Facebook will be able to optimize the audience. Thus, it will target people with higher chances of conversion. However, you need to set every country where you are targeting the audience.

Furthermore, remember to select countries with similar cultural values in a single country. It will help in better targeting and personalization. Thus, you will be able to consider the values and motivational factors when personalizing the content. Above all, this technique is also recommended by Facebook.

Conversely, if you set a structure for every country separately, it will require more time and effort. So, make things easier by making groups in various sets like interests, values, education, language, etc. All these approaches help in efficient scaling; this is the way to maximize the use of Facebook's machine learning.

Bonus Tip:
Never create a single website for every country. Do not expect the customers to convert the currency and content into their local language. Instead, create separate websites for each country. This is an ideal tip for increasing conversions when entering the international markets.

⦁ Use Local Influencers

Another successful approach for reaching the international market is using local influencers. No matter which social media channel we use, influencers can act as game-changer. Therefore, search for the best influencers depending on your budget.
However, it is not mandatory to go for high-end influencers. You can even go for new influencers ready to post for you in exchange for a free product.

How to Find an Influencer?

Now, the trick is to find the right influencer. You can simply connect with the influencer by searching for a relevant hashtag. For instance, if you have a beauty product, you can search for hashtags like skincare, facial creams, dry skin, etc. Look at the top posts with the most engagement to pick the right influencer.

You must also consider your niche when choosing an influencer; what product are you selling? Dynamologic Solutions would engage more consumers by partnering with a lifestyle influencer than a fashion influencer. Similarly, Cannon would do well to partner with a photographer/influencer rather than a lifestyle influencer.

Bonus Tip:

Narrow down your research by selecting the five best influencers and then ask the translator to connect with them. Do not forget to have enough knowledge about their former connections. It will help you in proposing an appropriate partnership offer.

If an influencer is ready to work for you, create an agreement contract. Add the following things to your contract:

⦁ Products/services that they will get.
⦁ List of things they need to post with examples.
⦁ List of specific phrases and keywords.
⦁ Language along with the right tone, i.e., friendly, fun-loving, professional, etc.
⦁ Links to your social media profiles.

However, it is not necessary to use influencers only for your content. You can even use the Instagram Branded Content feature. This feature allows you to display Facebook ads on influencers' accounts.

This is a more powerful approach for targeting prospects. Here potential clients will see the ad on a professional account rather than the content being displayed from a business account. Therefore, it will look genuine and highly professional to them. Thus, it will automatically increase the chances for conversions.

Short links are a powerful tool to increase brand trust and recognition, which could play a crucial role in the global market. Short URLs are tiny links that are formed from long URLs. The advantage is that with short links, you save space for characters and use a custom branded domain. With the custom branded domain, you assure visitors that a link in an ad is safe. Moreover, configuring the link path lets people click an advertisement more frequently as the slug gives a hint about the content.

A short URL engages users because it's branded, clear, and customized. People at once recognize the brand and get an idea of the link content. URLs like "" will succeed in conquering the audience. provides a helpful feature for social media marketers that simplifies posting links on Facebook. Sharing short URLs is available direct from a list of short links. Besides, provides integration with Google Analytics that helps tracking the success of advertisements.

⦁ Wrapping It Up

In short, brands can successfully target global markets through Facebook. However, various tactics and expertise are mandatory. For this, a comprehensive strategy needs to be designed from top to bottom.

Since the brand is targeting a new country, translating ads into the local language is imperative. Additionally, a professional translator can make things smoother. Besides this, the ad campaigns should be properly structured, and companies sharing similar values should be grouped. Likewise, getting in touch with a local influencer is also a winning idea.

Use all of the above-mentioned tips for reaching a new audience. Also, be consistent with your efforts. Time is not far when your brand will be internationally recognized!

Guest Author:
Shaheryar provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for Carpet Cleaning Brighton.

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