Role of Short Links for Personal Branding

Role of Short Links for Personal Branding

In this century of modern technologies and active social media use, everyone is trying to create a personal image. A girl posts a beautiful bouquet, conveying an image of a "lucky girlfriend." Parents share pictures of their kids' achievements to create a "best parents" brand. In the same way, businessmen and women create personal brands in the business world.

Everything you do in social networks counts for your reputation: what you say, what you write, and even the links you share.

The Importance of Personal Branding

Personal branding is what you show other people about yourself and the way others perceive you. So, a personal brand is the front page, whether for recruiter, followers, or customers. Everything you share influences your personal image. For example, characterizes the person as a photograph, while does the same but as a musician.

Short Links in Personal Branding

Short links are a bridge between visitors and original URLs, such as your LinkedIn profile, CV, personal blog, or website. Short links hide long URLs, which often contain random characters and tracking codes. Short links, on the contrary, contain real words and are more meaningful.

Here we can build a relation between short links and personal branding. Let's say we are hiring a new content manager and that there are two links to the candidate's portfolio and resume: and www.josh.portfolio.

The second link is more easily perceived by our eyes and lets us understand the contents of the link content: we know exactly what we can expect after we click. provides adding a custom domain and customizing a link path to create memorable short URLs. also enables customers to track the statistics of short links to check when and from where visitors are coming.

How to Choose a Custom Domain


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