Cover all Projects by Using Multiple Domains

Cover all Projects by Using Multiple Domains

Using multiple domain names for one or several projects helps you achieve flexibility and differentiate between projects' directions. With the number of customized subdomains on, it's possible to add multiple short domains for one project and easily manage them from one place.

Promote lines of business with multiple domains

Say you own an online shop that additionally has blog, feedback, and sales pages. Promoting the pages under one domain may take place, but this solution fits when there is no chanсe to add several domains to one account. With, you have this possibility. That's why we would recommend adding separate domains for every direction of the project.

For example, your online shop is based on the domain By adding subdomains that are associated with specific lines, you may increase user engagement. Just as an example, you can use:

  1. — it's where your blog lives;
  2. — it's where your customers leave feedback so that other visitors make sure that your brand is trustworthy;
  3. — it's where discount items live.

By the way, adding a subdomain to your main domain is absolutely free. If you want to make the domains shorter, you can buy domains separately for every business line.

How to Add Multiple Domains


Managing Multiple Domains

The advantage of adding multiple domains is the opportunity to manage all your domains from one place. By adding domains to, you have a chance to track statistics and to apply features and other settings for every domain.

How to choose a short domain

If you need to buy a short domain to build a chain of projects, you need to keep in mind some golden rules.

  1. Choose a domain that is branded.

The domain has to characterize your brand name or a business line. It's really important for your visitors, as after their first look at the domain, your brand name has to come to their mind. This tip is essential for domain recognition and trust.

  1. Choose a domain that is short.

The main point of short domains is to make links easier to read, pronounce and save characters on social networks and SMS. That's why we would recommend selecting a domain that contains up to 10 characters.


Following the mentioned above tips will definitely help you improve the management of domains and increase link engagement since clear and short domains are recognizable and trustful. Whatever you need for successful link shortening, will do its best to cover you with flexible options.

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What did you learn?

  • how to use multiple domains
  • add several domains to one account
  • manage short domains and short URLs from one place

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