Ghost and Zap

Ghost and Zap

Blogging is becoming popular more and more. You may certainly know that nowadays it is one of the most common ways to earn money, get famous as well as share your thoughts, information or news.

There are some possibilities for creating a blog – it may be YouTube Blog, Instagram Blog and so on. But the most appropriate way is article blogging. You may use it for a business, for example, or express emotions. It is especially suitable for business structures because usually YouTube and Instagram bloggers prefer to show themselves to the audience.

Why is it important to have a blog for business structures?

Thanks to the blog customers are always aware of new updates and the latest news.
Interesting facts or some business information will attract them to read a blog.
Moreover, each article has an attractive picture, which briefly describes its title. The image helps to grab customers’ attention.

Thanks to all these tips, the CTR of the blog site as well as articles will hugely increase.

What to do further?

The further step to develop a blog is creating short links for the articles. comes you in handy with this. As you know, to create a short link you should just paste a long link in and in some seconds you will get a short link.

The latest updates help to simplify this process.
You may certainly know a blog platform Ghost, where anybody may create a blog
With this case, together with Ghost has a joint Zap.

When a new article is posted – new short branded link will be automatically created. This step is extremely helpful for saving time. Instead of copy-pasting, you immediately have a completed short link. Then share links with all customers in social networks and observe how the CTR increases.

Watch a video guide below of how to customize Ghost and Zap.

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