How to Automatically Send Emails with Short Links

How to Automatically Send Emails with Short Links provides the integration with Gmail via Zapier. When a new link is shortened, an email is automatically sent to the pre-specified recipients with the pre-specified title and email body.

The advantage is that emails with short branded links reach the recipients in most of the cases. And the integration helps not to send emails manually, the integration makes it automatically.

How to Configure the Integration

  1. Go to your Zapier account.

  2. Click Make a Zap.

  1. Search for > Choose it > Choose "New link created" as the trigger.
  1. Add your account.

  2. Choose a short domain.

  1. Search for Gmail > Choose it > Specify "Send Email" as an action.
  1. Add you gmail account.

  2. Customize you email: specify recipients, add a sender and a name.

  3. Specify a title.

  1. Add the body of emails > Contnue.

Note: You can also customize other fields like caption or attachments.

  1. Make test.

  2. Turn the Zap on.


Watch the video instruction on how to customize the and Gmail integration.

What did you learn?

  • How to create short links for Gmail
  • Send emails with short links
  • Shorten links for email marketing
  • Short links for email marketing

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