Introducing for Google Analytics

Introducing for Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool for tracking detailed website statistics. Moreover, GA offers analytics for mobile apps. It helps to determine the advantages and disadvantages of marketing projects.

How does Google Analytics work?

The operating principle lies in providing all website pages with JavaScript code. Google Analytics displays the code in the Admin panel. So copy it and paste into the website footer. After that, page views, traffic sources, and visitor data are collected automatically. However, to receive more detailed information like what people are doing on a page, E-commerce data, or user attributes, you need to install custom code hooks into your site.

Google Analytics implementations are not simple, because of the detailed Google Analytics API methods and data format. You or a developer should check each minor tip to make sure things work correctly.

Mobile tracking works very similarly as it has out-of-the-box features. They get you a lot of great data. Note: any custom or E-commerce event need to be tracked manually

Why do you need for using GA?

With applying to Google Analytics, you don’t need to implement JavaScript code to the website. You don’t have to write new tracking code, let alone code that only tracks data for Google Analytics. Connect to GA and all required data will be transferred automatically.

How does integrate with Google Analytics? turns long links (www.longlong/morecharacters) into short ones (www.yourdomain/fhr7H). This gives you a chance to track the success of the links, and conclude how effectively links perform.

For tracking more detailed statistical data, like UTM parameters, you need Google Analytics. provides with simple Google Analytics activation, which doesn’t require implementing JS code to the website. The installation process is based on Segment app. This helps you to sync up your data so that statistics of each short link will pull into both your and Google Analytics dashboards.

Segment scans the information about short links from and sends it to Google Analytics. The statistical data is displayed as a graph in Google Analytics account. Click on "Real-time" and then "Overview" tabs to observe the traffic.

Pay attention that Segment also shows the statistical data. You will find it in the “Debugger” and “Schema” tabs.

Watch a video-guide below to customize and Google Analytics integration.
Feel free to contact support in case of obstacles.

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