Launch Google Meet after Clicking a Link


Launch Google Meet after Clicking a Link provides iOS and Android targeting to open a mobile application after clicking a short link.

Today, on the blog, we will show how to create a short link that opens a mobile Google Meet app on the specific page.

When using mobile targeting, visitors will end up on a Google video meeting page after clicking a short URL. As a result, you can use the Google Meet mobile short link to redirect visitors straight to a Google video meeting, which can improve user experience. The advantage of the feature is that instead of opening the meeting in a browser, visitors are already logged in to their accounts, allowing them to end up on the app page.

The features of mobile links are similar to deep links. The main difference is that you can apply deep links to your mobile app because their setting requires modifying the app code. Mobile links, on the contrary, can be used for all mobile apps. They are accessed via app package names. The most important requirement is for the app to be installed on the visitor's phones. If not, the link will be opened in the browser.

Preconditions: Shorten a link on or click Edit near the shortened one.

  • Android
  1. Open the "Android targeting" tab.

  2. Specify a link to a video meeting. Example:

  3. Specify the application package name:

  4. Save.

  • iOS
  1. Open the "iOS targeting" tab.

  2. Specify a link in the form "appname://httpsURL": gmeet://

  3. Save.


After clicking a short URL, the Google Meet mobile application page will be opened for iOS and Android visitors.

Note: You can replicate the same scenario with any Google Meet link.


The use cases described above are just examples of how you can use Android targeting. Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Gmail can also make use of this feature, but make sure these apps are installed on your users' mobiles. Otherwise, the link will serve an error. Features


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