How to Create a QR Code With a Changeable URL

How to Create a QR Code With a Changeable URL

Changeable QR Codes can be used by making QR codes, and then URL redirects. So, first, let’s learn how to create a QR Code with your desired URL. Here’s a short and easy tutorial: 

  1. Log into your account. 
  2. Shorten a link. 
  3. Click the QR Code icon. 
  1. Customize your QR code. 
  1. Download the QR code. 

So, let’s say you have your QR Code set and published physically and digitally. You can now change the QR code's destination URL without changing the code itself!

Here’s how: 

  1. Go to the Branded Links tab and find the short link of the QR code you want to edit. 
  2. Click on the pencil icon under the actions column.
  1. Under Basic Link Editing, change the Original URL entry to your new URL
  2. Click Save.


With that, you've saved time and money by simply redirecting the link in your QR code to an updated link of your choice! 

Why You Need Changeable URLs for Your QR Codes

QR codes have cemented themselves into the world of marketing. Whether used to access additional info from a device, pay for a product or service with a simple scan, or lead users to a survey or promo, people are becoming more familiar with QR Codes. 

But what if the promo is over? Or do you need to change a few pages, but the QR code that leads to one of them is still very popular? Here are a few reasons why you should always have the ability to edit the URL that your QR codes point to.

Beat the 404 Page 

 Changeable links on QR codes represent a groundbreaking solution to one of the most common pitfalls in the digital landscape–the infamous 404 error page.  

Once generated and disseminated, traditional static QR codes risk becoming obsolete or leading users to non-existent content due to updates, changes, or removals. The advent of changeable QR code links is a robust strategy to conquer the 404-page challenge. 

The frustration of encountering a 404 error is well-known to users scanning QR codes only to find that the linked content is unavailable or has been relocated.  

This inconvenience not only disrupts the user experience but also tarnishes a brand's reputation. Changeable links provide a proactive solution by allowing marketers and businesses to modify the destination URL on QR codes, ensuring that users are always directed to live, relevant content. 

QR codes with changeable links avoid the stagnation associated with static codes. Marketers can swiftly adapt to changes in promotions, product details, or campaigns without requiring an entire QR code overhaul. This agility is particularly crucial in dynamic industries where staying current is a prerequisite for success. 

The impact goes beyond preventing the frustration of encountering a 404 page. Businesses bolster user trust and engagement by ensuring that QR codes consistently lead to active content.  

Users are more likely to embrace QR codes as valuable tools when confident that the information accessed is current and reliable, enhancing the overall effectiveness of QR code-based marketing strategies

Seamless Changes 

 Seamless changes are a hallmark of effective QR code management, offering flexibility in adapting to the ever-evolving marketing strategies and consumer needs.  

With traditional static QR codes, any alterations to the linked content necessitate the creation of an entirely new code, resulting in potential confusion among consumers and additional printing costs for updated materials.  

In contrast, QR codes with changeable URLs enable seamless modifications to the destination link without requiring the redistribution of physical codes. 

This agility empowers marketers to respond swiftly to changing circumstances, such as updated product information, shifting campaign objectives, or revised promotional offers.  

By simply updating the destination URL through a centralized management platform, marketers can ensure that all existing QR codes remain relevant and functional, eliminating the need for costly reprinting or relabeling efforts.  

Moreover, seamless changes facilitate A/B testing and performance optimization, allowing marketers to experiment with different landing pages or promotional offers to maximize engagement and conversion rates. 

Seamlessly updating QR code destinations also enhances the user experience by ensuring that consumers consistently access up-to-date information and relevant content.  

Whether scanning a QR code on a physical advertisement, product packaging, or digital platform, consumers can trust that they will be directed to the most current and pertinent resources, fostering brand credibility and customer satisfaction. 


Utilizing QR codes with changeable URLs offers cost efficiency, offering substantial savings compared to traditional static QR code campaigns.  

Traditional, static QR codes often entail significant upfront costs associated with designing, printing, and distributing physical materials, such as flyers, posters, or packaging. However, these costs can escalate rapidly in the event of updates or revisions, requiring the production of new materials to reflect changes in linked content. 

In contrast, QR codes with changeable URLs minimize ongoing expenses by eliminating the need for frequent reprinting or relabeling physical materials. 

Marketers can leverage a single QR code across multiple campaigns or promotions, simply updating the destination URL to reflect changes in messaging or offerings. This clever approach reduces printing and production costs and conserves time and resources, enabling marketers to reallocate their budget toward other strategic initiatives or marketing channels. 

Furthermore, the cost-efficiency of QR codes with changeable URLs extends beyond material production. By centralizing QR code management through a digital platform, marketers can simplify workflows, track analytics, and iterate on campaigns in real time, maximizing return on investment and driving long-term profitability.  

Overall, the QR code’s cost-efficiency represents a compelling value proposition for businesses seeking to optimize their marketing budgets and achieve sustainable growth. Makes Your QR Code Versatile 

When it comes to QR codes, is the site for you. If you hope to expand your brand through digital marketing, look no further. provides powerful, secure, and budget-friendly link-shortening services.  

With, other excellent and advantageous features become available to you without breaking the bank. Check out’s list of features and pricing to figure out the best plan for you. 

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