How to Get a Custom Domain for $3 and Create Short Links

How to Get a Custom Domain for $3 and Create Short Links

If you're starting a business today, having an online presence—or at least an online identity—is crucial. With the Yellow Pages firmly behind us, people usually look something up online to find a service that caters to their needs.

Unfortunately, not all starting businesses have the budget or expertise to manage a site. Some are recovering from startup costs, while others don't know how to drive in traffic, so they don't bother trying. Fortunately, there's a budget-friendly and intuitive solution—

Let's find out how's 3-dollar deal is perfect for your business—new or old!

How to Get a Custom Domain for $3

Before we get into all the great things when you get a custom domain for your business (and from, too!), let's figure out how to do it. Typically, custom domains cost over $10. Fortunately, an affordable deal is available with Here's how to get a custom domain for $3.

  1. Log in to your account. (If you don't have one, create one. It's free!)
  2. Click the Menu option in the upper left corner.
  1. Select Add domain.
  1. Select Buy Domain.
  1. Type in the domain name you want and add .link at the end.
  2. Select the 3.00 USD/year option.
  1. Click Register.
  2. Once you've paid for your domain, you can continue setting up your account and create short links.

With, creating your custom domain takes $3 and seven easy steps. Now, let's dive into why your small business needs this custom domain.

Why Your Startup and Small Business Needs a Custom Domain

If you have anything to do with a marketing team, you'll know just how vital an online presence is. Your business needs a custom domain for hundreds of reasons, but we'll give you our top four.

Establishing an easy-to-use link directory is a clever strategy for businesses, offering many benefits that create a user-friendly experience and enhance online functionality. The simplicity of navigation is paramount, ensuring that visitors can quickly access relevant information.

For instance, a retail business can categorize links for various product categories, such as "" or "," facilitating a straightforward shopping experience. This organized structure improves customer satisfaction and boosts conversion rates by reducing friction in the online journey.

Moreover, an organized link directory aids in effective content management. A travel agency, for example, can categorize links based on destinations, creating a structure like "" or ""

This helps potential clients find specific information efficiently and allows the business to tailor marketing strategies for each category.

Furthermore, easy-to-use link directories foster customer loyalty. A news website can categorize links based on topics like "" or "," enabling readers to access their preferred content swiftly. Users appreciate the convenience and ease of finding what they need promptly.

Professional Look

Securing a custom domain for your website is a foundational step in helping it give off a sense of professionalism and credibility. A custom domain serves as a distinct digital address, elevating your online presence and leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Consider the impact of a personalized domain like "" compared to a generic one – it establishes brand identity and instills user confidence.

For instance, an e-commerce site sporting the custom domain "" conveys a commitment to uniqueness and professionalism, attracting customers seeking distinct products. Similarly, a freelance portfolio with the domain "" reflects a personalized and professional touch, making it more appealing to potential clients.

It also fosters trust with a new customer. People who shop or subscribe to online services know better than to click a random link. Having a custom, shortened link is the standard.

Moreover, a custom domain enhances brand recognition, creating a cohesive and memorable online identity. When individuals or businesses rely on word of mouth, a custom domain becomes vital for easy recall.


Investing in a custom domain for your brand is a cost-efficient decision in the long run. While the initial expense may seem minor, the benefits are substantial. A custom domain allows you to create an easy-to-use Link Directory and gives your brand a professional look that contributes to its credibility.

This trust can result in increased customer loyalty and conversion rates, translating into tangible returns on investment over time. Consider the alternative—relying on generic or free domain extensions may project an amateurish image and hinder potential customers from engaging with your brand.

A custom domain not only reinforces brand identity but also minimizes the risk of losing customers due to skepticism about the legitimacy of your online presence.

Plus,'s $3 deal makes it an exceptionally cost-efficient investment. Compared to the traditional cost of over $10 for a custom domain, this offer minimizes financial strain and gives startups a strategic advantage in their online branding efforts.

Unlimited Redirects

In the ever-evolving digital world, marked by frequent updates, rebranding efforts, and content restructuring, the capability to redirect URLs without limitations becomes a significant advantage. This feature enables businesses to navigate changes seamlessly, unaffected by the constraints of a fixed redirection limit.

Consider an e-commerce platform introducing a new product line; with unlimited redirects, the transition becomes seamless as users are effortlessly guided from the previous link to the updated one, preserving customer engagement.

Likewise, a company undergoing a comprehensive rebranding initiative can redirect all outdated links to the revamped website, ensuring a cohesive online presence without disruptions.

Unlimited redirects empower businesses to evolve organically in response to market trends and internal changes. This enhances user experience and future-proofs a business's online presence. It is a crucial and forward-thinking component for sustained growth and adaptability in the dynamic digital landscape.

Grow with

While a $3 budget plan is great for startups, several other options are available to aid your growth. has affordable prices available for businesses, big and small! If you compare with other renowned link shorteners, has proven to give the most bang for your buck!

Impressive features like A/B Testing, Mobile Targeting, Deep Links, and more become available with just a few clicks. Watch your brand grow and flourish with tools designed specifically for online engagement with!

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