Why is HTTPS Important for Short Links?

Why is HTTPS Important for Short Links?

The main task of the website owner is to protect the site from the phishing as much as possible so as not to get a malware as well as endanger customers’ private data. HTTPS encrypts data and prevents it from being intercepted.

How does it work?

When you are redirected to the site, your browser receives a certificate from the server, which contains all the information about the site and its owner. The browser gets the public key, which it uses to encrypt all the data.

If someone wants to receive confidential data, he/she will see only a set of incomprehensible characters. It takes several years to decrypt a code. During this time, the certificate will become out of date, and as a result, the attacker will not receive anything.

HTTPS is necessary to protect the personal customers’ data and private transferring the information between users and the site. HTTP transfers all data via an unencrypted form what cannot provide the necessary protection against hackers.

1. Increase CTR. Secured links increase users’ trust so that they’ll click on the links confidently. Google takes strict measures towards the unsecured websites and marks them with a red lock or exclamation mark. This helps visitors to understand that the website is dangerous. If promoting short links, remember to use HTTPS for engaging more customers.

2. Protect customers’ private data. If your site collects any private information (card number, email address, password, first name, last name), then HTTPS links are a necessary step towards launching that type of the website.

3. Improve SEO. Google claims that sites with HTTPS protocol gain a slight advantage while ranking thanks to the security factor.

How to use short links and HTTPS?

Short.cm provides HTTPS short links for all domains free of charge. Newly registered domains include automatically implemented https. In case you are a longtime Short.cm user, activate HTTPS manually in the domain settings.

Remember following this tip: You cannot cloak an HTTP website with an HTTPS short link. Install SSL certificate on your site not to confuse users with the unsecured webpage.

The article is about:

  • The importance of HTTPS links.
  • Https links and Short.cm.
  • Why so you need HTTPS?

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