Mobile Links for Amazon Shopping

Mobile Links for Amazon Shopping provides Android targeting to open a mobile application after Android users click a short link.

Today, on the blog, we will show how to create a short link that opens the Amazon Shopping mobile app on the specified page, if the app is insalled.

When using Android targeting, visitors will end up on Amazon after clicking a short URL. As a result, you can automatically open necessary items on the app without redirection to the browser. That helps to provide a better access to the item, as users end up on a necessary page.

1. Redirect to Shopping Items

When applying Android redirect, iOS users will be routed to a specified for iOS link that will open a browser. For Android users, a mobile app will be opened. For example, if you want to redirect Android users to the Amazon Shopping app, you need to:

  1. Shorten a link.

  2. Open the Android targeting tab.

  3. Specify a link to a product. Example:

  4. Specify the application package name:

  5. Save.


After clicking a short URL, the Amazon Shopping mobile application will be opened for Android visitors.

Note: You can replicate the same scenario with any Amazon link.


The use cases described above are just examples of how you can use Android targeting. Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Gmail can also make use of this feature, but make sure these apps are installed on your users' mobiles. Otherwise, the link will serve an error. Features


What did you learn?

  • how to shorten links amazon shopping
  • amazon short links
  • deep links for amazon app

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