How to Use for Mobile Targeting

How to Use for Mobile Targeting

When thinking about what operating system to select for building an app, put the application both on iOS and Android. This lets you cover two markets and engage twice as many users.

Why is mobile targeting relevant now?

The importance of mobile targeting is progressively growing due to some factors:

  • The time spent on mobile devices skyrockets every day, resulting in a steady growing CTR. The longer people are chained to smartphones, the more sources they face and visit. Even while watching TV or having dinner, users continue answering emails or commenting on Instagram posts. We consume mobile web traffic at ever-growing rates. Mobile App for Android

  • Mobile targeting is a simple tool for improving user experience. It will not help you launch an advertisement — you'll need an additional tool like Google Analytics for that — but mobile targeting assists in a correct redirection.

Let's look at the example.

Say you promote an ad for your mobile application. When clicking a link, iOS and Android users are redirected to the announcement that ends with the phrase, "The app is available both on iOS and Android." The visitors are supposed to search for the app in the OS stores manually.

It is where the user experience drops down. Redirecting visitors straight to the needed market increases the chances of installing the app.

Nevertheless, how and where to customize mobile targeting? has a free solution. provides the "Mobile targeting" feature to discover users' devices. With the help of one short link, your customers will be redirected to different URLs depending on their mobile OS.

It takes you some minutes to customize mobile links in You have to shorten a URL and attach iOS and Android links to the URL in the link edit settings. As a result, instead of two different links, you possess only one, which helps to simplify a work process.

Note: The "Mobile targeting" feature is available for free.

The video guide below shows detailed instructions for the mobile targeting activation. In case of obstacles, contact support.

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What did you learn?

  • What is Targeting?
  • Why is Mobile Targeting Important?
  • How do I turn on targeting on my phone?
  • How do I target an iPhone user?
  • How do I target an Android user?

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