Say Hello to a New Generic Domain

Say Hello to a New Generic Domain

Now provides a new generic domain for testing purposes – Previous domains were generated based on a customer's email address; domains will be formed in alphabetical and numerous order. For example, or

Advantages of a new test domain

  1. Domain is shorter. A subdomain is generated based on a sequence, not an email address. That saves characters. Instead of, customers get
  2. Domain is safer. There were cases when some users registered an email like "" As a result, a generic domain was "", which confused Internet users. After that, the customer was banned. To avoid such cases, a sequence order is the right solution.
  3. Domain is more flexible. domains are compromised by spammers; that's why they were blocked by all social networks and email providers. domains can be used in social media and for email marketing.

Important: Changing a test domain is not available. Customers who are signed up to with a corporate email can request a domain with a custom subdomain.

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