4 Reasons to Integrate with the Short.io API

4 Reasons to Integrate with the Short.io API

Suppose you are an enterprise, a digital company, a code lover, or a developer. In that case, you'll definitely want to use and integrate the Short.io API to create thousands of links, build an own application with cool shortening features, or manage your team in one place.

Short.io provides an open API for all users to create, analyze, and manage short links with programming languages. Developers will fall in love with the Short.io API, as we provide detailed open guides on how to use it.

The Short.io API Guides


Why do I need the Short.io API?

The Short.io API is helpful for some reasons: quick and unlimited link shortening, integration of shortening features to a personal app, quick access of data (statistics).

1. Integrate Link Shortening in your App

Short.io is a solution for sharing short links on social media. It shortens links and shares them to your social accounts. Thanks to the Short.io API, you can integrate shortening and sharing URLs into your application interface.

Your customers can create short links on behalf of your domain like Short.io users shorten links with the shortcm.li domain, or you can implement the feature of adding a personal domain.

By integrating shortening links to your app, the URLs and domains of your users will be stored on Short.io servers with 99.9% uptime.


2. Create Thousands or Millions of Links Every Day

The Short.io API aims to simplify the way we shorten links. You can create thousands of short URLs every day without time delays.

With the Short.io API, you can shorten 1000 links per one API call, meaning 1 API call every 5 seconds or 12 000 links per minute. We provide a 20–50 RPS (requests per second) limit for our API calls to protect Short.io from a DoS attack.

3. Easy Reporting on Link Clicks

Observing statistics for each link can sometimes be time-consuming. The statistics of short links can be easily tracked programmatically.

On Short.io, there are API for link & domain statistics and a particular number of links.


Guides on Statistics via API


4. Quick Link Import

If you want to migrate from a URL shortener to Short.io, you can do that through link import. Request a .csv file from your current URL shortener with a list of short links and import it with the help of the Short.io API in seconds.

The advantage of link import is that your short links save the title and slug from the previous shortener. As a result, links that you have already shared are active and not damaged.


The reasons mentioned above describe only the basic needs that the Short.io API can satisfy. There are many other ways to integrate your app with Short.io to bring additional value to your brand.


Short.io API Guides


What did you learn?

  • API for developers
  • programming languages Python, Node.js, Ruby
  • how to shorten links with API

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