Filtering Short Links with API

Filtering Short Links with API

Sometimes you need to find out which short link is the most clickable. This information could be necessary to conclude what topics are the most engaging for visitors to improve your marketing strategy. doesn't provide filtering links by clicks from the dashboard, but we've implemented another way that could fit your needs.

Filtering short links in descending order with API

Free access to the API is available on The only requirement is to have a account to provide a secret key. With the code snippets, you can request a list of the most popular short URLs. Programming languages used are Python, Node.js, and Ruby.

The sample code for Node.js:

JSON Response

Once you run the code, you will see the response.


If filtering links via API meets your requirements, follow the instruction in the guide below.

Filtering links in descending orders


What did you learn?

  • API for custom short URLs
  • URL Shortener Service | Apps Script
  • For Developers: URL Shortening & API

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