Integrates with Integromat Integrates with Integromat is rich in integrations, and we're pleased to present a new integration with Integromat. Integrations are intended to simplify the work process and make it automatic. Integromat is no exception. Integrations


What is Integromat?

Integromat is a powerful tool for automating manual processes. Integromat will connect apps, services, and smart devices into automated scenarios and will do the work for you. You can perform the automation without the need for programming and create simple scenarios, such as: when XX happens, perform action YY.

Advanced users can use Integromat for complex and sophisticated integrations. Integromat supports many apps and services and is frequently adding new ones.


How Integromat integrates with

By Integrating with Integromat, you can configure integration with multiple apps to create a powerful chain of sustained actions.

Note: We on will be releasing a range of video guides that incorporate and Integromat.

Here's the first example of a possible scenario:

Integromat allows you to publish posts to all of your social media accounts simultaneously. The first action is to create a short URL. You add as the first service and then set the necessary parameters, such as a short domain, a long URL, a title, and a path. After the link is shortened, it must be sent to a social media account. What account? It depends on you. It could be to a social network website like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or a couple of them. The most valuable thing is that Integromat has no limits on the number of possible modules.


After is added, create the second module, for example, Facebook. There, the Facebook page and the text of the post must be specified. After configuring Facebook, you continue adding other social networks . . . or maybe you've come up with something more interesting?

Contact us if you have an idea for an Integromat scenario with We'll create a video instruction for how to bring the integration to life.

When the scenario is finished, launch it. Hooray! Your first scenario is ready to help you simplify your work process. Also, Integromat allows you to schedule posts, which is valuable for those whose target audience is in another timezone. You don't need to keep an eye on the clock: Keep calm and schedule posts.

Sharing Posts at Once to All Social Networks (Integromat)



There's no need to be an expert in programming to create cool things. Save time and automate your work with and Integromat.

Below is the video guide on how to create a scenario that shares posts with short links to all social networks.

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