Automate Using Zapier

Automate Using Zapier

Zapier for branded short links is a powerful weapon that advances work automation. and Zapier allow launching repetitive actions, like creating, changing, and sharing short branded links.

With Zapier and integration, you use custom links, applying additional tools, such as Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Twilio, and Google Sheets. The list is endless. Once you've set up the integration, the actions are carried out without your participation.

How Zapier is Operating

A Zap is a workflow of actions you want to be repeated automatically. When creating a Zap, you need to add a target application, which will send a trigger on to another one.

A trigger is something that happens in an app. The link is shortened, or the article is published. An action is something a Zap does after a trigger occurs, like posting a newly shortened link or creating a short link for a recently published article.

For example, by integrating Zapier with branded links, a target might be creating short links. An action could be scheduling a post in Buffer.

You can send SMS to your customers using Twilio. Your target action would be creating a link on The trigger action then would be sending SMS to specified contacts.

Create short links for new items on Shopify. In this case, a target action is adding a new product to Shopify. The trigger action is creating a branded link for each new item.

That's not all…

Even though Zapier repeats actions, it allows you to specify custom settings. When setting up a Zap, you can additionally implement features in the links. For example, you can specify a custom slug, UTM tags, link expiration, link cloaking, and password protection. This allows you to create a fully customized link remotely from

Why should you use Zapier?

Zap automatically sends an action from one tool to another, so you'll spend less time manually transferring data between services. It gives you a chance to delegate responsibilities and focus on some advanced tasks.

Try out our pre-made integrations.

No matter which apps you use, chances are, integrates with them via Zapier. Here are some of the most popular integrations that users already use to be more productive.

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