How to Launch Google Analytics Tracking for Short Links

How to Launch Google Analytics Tracking for Short Links directly integrates with Google Analytics (GA) , meaning you can customize and access detailed analytical reports in a matter of seconds. We've checked; it takes you one minute to enable the integration.

Google Analytics is a free tool for tracking detailed website statistics. The operating principle lies in embedding JavaScript code to all website pages. After that, page views, traffic sources and visitor data are collected in GA.

By binding short branded links to Google Analytics, you track the success of the short URLs. Thanks to the detailed GA reports, you're able to make a proper assessment or come to an informed decision.


Thanks to the integration with Google Analytics as well as statistics provided by, you can be confident that you have enough information at your fingertips to make a proper conclusion.

Here are just some worthwhile Google Analytics features that push you to enable the integration:

  • Realtime report. It gathers up-to-the-minute data.
  • Audience report. It tells you all about your audience — device, country, source of a redirect.
  • Behavior report. Here's how your audience behaves on the pages: session duration, bounce rate, the number of page views.
  • Acquisition report. It is used to compare the performance of some marketing channels and discover which sources send the highest quality traffic.

How to Configure the and Google Analytics Integration

Now directly integrates with Google Analytics. The integration simplifies the way of installing Google Analytics, as you don't need to embed a JS code or apply a third-party service.

With applying to Google Analytics, you input a tracking code to domain settings. After that, Google Analytics gets the traffic data from short branded links and generates visual reports.

How to configure the and GA integration


Here's the video instruction on how to enable the and Google Analytics integration. As we've said above, the customization process takes approximately one minute. Watch and test:

The article is about:

  • How do I integrate Google Analytics into my website?
  • Can you track any website with Google Analytics?
  • How do I check my short branded domain analytics?
  • How do I integrate Google Analytics and short links?

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