6 Reasons that Inspire to Use a URL Shortener

6 Reasons that Inspire to Use a URL Shortener

A URL shortener is a tool that converts a long link into a short one. On the Short.io blog, we'll walk you through the short description of this rapidly evolving industry. Find out how you can benefit from using a link shortener and then conclude whether your brand needs short links or not.

A perfect short link looks like mybrand.com/saywow. Why? Well, it has a branded domain and a configured slug. These are two main tips on how to create an engaging short link. Most of the brands use links like goo.gl/HjsuYT. So for now, figure out the main reasons for using short links.

1. Make links tiny to improve social network posts and email deliverability

Promotion via social networks and emails is an important tool for marketing. Shortening URLs strengthens and streamlines the way marketing operates.

A short URL engages users because it is branded, clear, and customized. People recognize the brand at once and get an idea of the link content. URLs like "sport.xyz/swim-wear" will definitely succeed in conquering the audience.


Short branded links are worth being used on social networks. Means of short links usage include creating social media posts that contain short links, adding a short branded link to an account description, sending a private message with a short link, and launching an advertising campaign that includes a short link.

When it comes to email marketing, we advise using short branded links to prevent emails from ending up in a spam folder. Usually, generic domains are compromised by spammers; that's why email services ignore emails that contain malicious domains or IP addresses.

2. Cloak links to secure important data

Short links allow hiding the information on the long URLs you do not want visitors to see. It may be an affiliate link that brings you a profit or a link with UTM tags that provide insight into visitor behavior.

The URL cloaking feature is useful for link creators, but might be weird for visitors, as most of the hackers leverage masked links for spamming. This is where branded domains come in handy. They encourage the confidence and trust of a brand that shares cloaked URLs.

3. Track statistics of short links to improve the marketing strategy

Tracking short links is more accessible than tracking long URLs. Usually, a URL shortener provides a built-in feature of tracking short links, so no additional steps of installing are required. Statistics of short links include indexes of a clicks number, date/time, location, most popular links, and used OS. For those who need even more detailed data, integrations with analytical services are provided.


Short.io, for example, integrates with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Segment. These integrations don't require coding skills; that's why every user can create them.

4. Retarget links to drive visitors back

The initial idea of short links retargeting is based on one action—clicking a short link. After a user clicks a short link and leaves a website not making a favorable action, then he/she will face ads displaying an earlier clicked short link. It's helpful when you need to drive customers back to your website. Each time that users click a link, their browser loads a JS snippet from AdRoll/Facebook.

How to set up retargeting on Short.io

Facebook Pixel AdRoll

5. Set up deep links to increase mobile app downloads

Deep linking is a powerful instrument that assists in increasing revenue and user retention, as well as the number of downloads and streamlining the mobile experience. A deep link redirects users to the relevant content of a mobile app with a single click. There are no multiple paths confusing the users or creating any friction in their journey with the app—irrespective of the stage they are at (awareness, consideration, decision).

How to Set up Deep Links on Short.io


After clicking on an ad, a visitor has the option to choose between downloading a mobile application (if it's not downloaded) or opening a page on a mobile browser. Without deep links, users should download a mobile app and then search for the needed page manually.

6. Create a team to manage short links with colleagues and delegate

Delegation of responsibilities is a must-have for managers. The daily amount of work that a manager must complete always exceeds physical and timing capabilities. Delegation of tasks allows handling a more considerable amount of advanced work.



On Short.io, a variation of the team roles allocates tasks for teammates correctly. There are owner, admin, user, and read-only team members. According to the responsibilities of every worker, appropriate tasks may be provided.


Whether it's a personal brand, or a profound business, or just a private blog – get shortening links off the ground.

There are so many advanced things you can perform to impress your customers, friends, and colleagues. A URL shortener assists in saving time and boosting marketing metrics.

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