RSS feeds and Zap

RSS feeds and Zap

RSS feed is an instrument which provides an easy way to be well informed about the latest posts of your favorite blogs. Thanks to RSS, you are capable of reading blog articles without deliberate website visiting.
It is set up as a Google extension, which you may quickly add to your browser with Google Web Store.
After adding it, an orange icon will appear from the right side of the search line. To add a necessary website click on RSS icon and paste a site URL. Each added site is called as a feed.

The importance of RSS in business

This tool is highly recommended for business structures. Usually for better marketing promotion blogs are an essential part of brand developing. Thus, you may sign up for your personal blog and get notifications when a new article is posted. It is especially helpful if there is an SMM-manager or copywriter in the business structure. In such a way, the owner may quickly check the work effectiveness.
Moreover, it is useful for not only the owner but also for any team member. It allows everyone to be informed about basic actions made inside the company.

RSS feeds and Zap

RSS feeds and Zap has sprung up recently. If you are a marketer or a business owner, you will definitely like this feature.
Thanks to this Zap, double-actions are made.

How does it work?

After adding your blog to RSS and creating an RSS and Zap, you will have a notification in RSS icon about a newly posted article. Moreover simultaneously a new short branded link with this article will appear in dashboard. As a result, you may share a link at once without copy-pasting, what economizes time and makes work automatic.
While configuring RSS-feed and Zap you should paste an RSS link of your blog site.

If you don’t know how to find it, follow our brief instruction.

  1. Go to your blog website.
  2. Open HTML view, clicking on F12.
  3. With the help of “Find” action (Ctrl-F on a PC, Command-F on a Mac) search for RSS.
  4. The RSS URL is between quotes after href=. In case, RSS link is

A step-by-step video below conducts you round a detailed process of Zap configuring.

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