Shopify and Zap

Shopify and Zap

All we know that XXI century is a century of modern Internet technologies and conveniences.
Thus, for simplifying a buying process, there are many e-shops which let make purchases being at home. Yeah, it is highly convenient.

Nowadays e-shops are popular among customers, so that don’t miss a chance to create a personal e-commerce.
Shopify app helps you with this. It takes you a day to launch a business thanks to quick Shopify service.

How effectively to promote e-shop? has launched integration with Zapier. Therefore, create a Zap between Shopify and for better promotion.

This Zap lets you automatically get a short link to each shop item.
You will be able to observe the statistics and understand which product has higher СRT. Moreover, short URLs attract more customers. As a result, clients make purchases quicker.

Before creating a Zap, make sure you have accounts in Zapier, and at least one product in Shopify.

After customizing a Zap, as far as you add a new product to online-shop, Zapier will automatically create a short link for this item.

Watch a video of how to customize a Shopify and Zap.

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