—a Friendly Introduction to Short Links—a Friendly Introduction to Short Links

Short links and all that they are capable of have been used by virtually every established brand worldwide. And why not? They're perfect for marketing campaigns, compiling data, and much more. Experiences marketers know this and fully use a short link's features.

But not everyone is an experienced marketer with tons of experience and resources to spare. What of the budding entrepreneur trying to grow his brand? What of the freelancer who can't touch his wallet? Fortunately, there's an entirely free alternative that gives you a gentle introduction to short links.

It's fast, it's convenient, and it's completely free. It's

What Is is a site that shortens links. It takes your random, lengthy URL and shortens it. Although limited in its features, it's a great way to shorten your links for free. Unlike some shorteners, it doesn't require registration, and it's easy enough to use for anyone with little to no experience with short links.

When Should You Use

Some people might think shortening a long link may not make much difference. They'd be completely wrong. Although only shortens links, this feature can be useful and improve several situations. Here are a few examples.

1. Email Marketing

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Email marketing is probably one of the best marketing strategies you can try if you're trying to grow a business. It's completely free, and you can do it yourself. The downside to email marketing is that several users aren't too keen on them.

I can't imagine they'd also be enthusiastic about a lengthy URL sprawled across the email. Besides, people aren't used to seeing long URLs. Legitimate brands have so commonly used the short link that long URLs look suspicious.

With a shortened link, you make your marketing emails look more pleasant. Not only does your email look less sketchy, but it would look more professional. Short links and email marketing should go hand in hand.

2. SMS Marketing

SMS messaging is another excellent, budget-friendly way of advertising. Like email marketing, SMS marketing can also be accessible. There are a lot of unlimited SMS promos on cellular plans these days that make SMS Marketing viable to those who cannot invest a lot of money in advertising.

However, SMS Marketing can be stricter than email marketing with character usage. This reason is why short links are valuable to SMS marketing. There are only so many words you can fit into a message before the limit is reached. Plus, who would want to receive an extensive message from brands anyway?

With SMS Marketing, keeping your advertisement messages straightforward and succinct is ideal. You say a few attention-catching words like "Get 50% off on all our items" or "Enjoy a first order coupon from us" and then attach a link at the end for those who are interested.

3. Social Media

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When was the last time you saw an unshortened URL in some influencer's bio? What would you make of a LinkedIn profile that had a lengthy URL attached to it? The answers to these questions prove how important short links are. They're standard.

This standard is why you rarely find a short link on social media. Influencers know better than to scare their followers with links that look like they're leading you to unsafe websites. They know that short links and social media work splendidly together.

People are currently obsessed with things looking neat or fitting an aesthetic. They meticulously pick and follow a theme for their Instagram feed. They edit and design their stories. It's doubtful they'd like to see a long, random URL anywhere.

They're also crucial for job-hunting platforms like LinkedIn or Upwork. Whether you're freelancing or part of the company. It's essential to look professional. And a messy-looking URL hardly screams professional.

4. Personal Blogs

If you're interested in running a personal blog, you should now familiarize yourself with short links. There are several reasons people run blogs. Some could use it purely as a creative outlet. They're not interested in making sales or promoting products.

Some also see personal blogs as a side hustle. They can write and keep an audience entertained while cleverly mentioning a product they want you to buy.

For whatever reason, the shortened link is going to be helpful. You can attach shortened links to your site for products you want your readers to check. You can place a shortened link to a news article you've read about and want to discuss with your audience.

You can also try to build a bigger audience for your blog by sharing it on social media with a short link. With short links, running a personal blog becomes a tad easier. Plus, they're also nicer to look at.

Sharing short links don't always have to be business related. You can do it just because! And why shouldn't you? offers to do it for free, and it's easy and convenient. They don't take a minute of your day.

Most people don't mind lengthy URLs when sharing a funny video or meme, but there's nothing wrong with being a little extra and shortening it. You can send a link to your report to a colleague or perhaps a link to an album online to your family's group chat.

It takes ten seconds to impress your colleagues, friends, and family. Because not many do it (or know how to do it), it's a small and short step that sets you apart positively.

Are You Ready to Go Short?

We get it. Short,gy is convenient and accessible. However, stepping up to more risks and bigger chances is necessary for growth. is excellent, but it's nothing in the face of

With, there are dozens of features short links have that you can finally unlock. Obtain information about every visitor, track clicks in real-time, create deep links, set link expiration, create team roles, create multiple custom domains, and so much more. Visit and check out which plan works best for you.

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