The List Of Integrations

We made a full list of integrations for your convenience. Now you can browse them and choose a necessary one.

Direct Integrations direct integrations are aimed to simplify the configuring process. You don't need any third-party service to integrate with analytical and retargeting tools.

  • and & Facebook Pixel — Facebook shows the ads only for those people who've clicked a short branded link. Users who were earlier interested in your brand are most likely to complete a desired action on your website.

  • & AdRoll — AdRoll is a retargeting platform and it shows ads to those visitors, who've clicked a short branded link.

  • & GTM — Google Tag Manager is a container, which has the list of analytical tools to integrate with. Connect to GTM, and all the data and event tracking of short links are simple to access.

  • & GA — When a user clicks a short link, Google Analytics will display this step on the graph. Also, Google Analytics provides statistics for more deep insights like UTM-parameters.


Set up your own codeless integrations called Zaps. Zaps automatically send information from one tool to another, so you'll spend less time manually transferring data between your business tools, and can focus on bigger tasks.

  • Twitter Zap — Once you shorten a link in, Zapier posts it to your Twitter account with the title and short URL.

  • Facebook Zap — When a short branded link is created in, a post with a new link will be automatically sent to your Facebook page.

  • Slack Zap — After creating a new short branded link, you will receive a notification in a particular Slack channel about its creation.

  • Eventbrite Zap — Each time you create a new event, Zapier automatically sends a new short URL for it to the dashboard.

  • Shopify Zap — You add a new product to the online-shop, Zapier automatically creates a short link for this item.

  • WordPress Zap — Zapier creates a short URL for a new WordPress article.

  • Ghost Zap — When a new article is posted, a new short branded link is automatically created.

  • Buffer Zap — After shortening, a new short link will be automatically sent to social networks.

  • Google Sheets Zap — Zapier creates a short link for each row of the Google Sheet.

  • RSS Zap — When you add a new post to the blog, a notification appears on the RSS icon, and a new short link is created in

  • Hubspot Zap — Zapier creates a short link for new articles.

  • Zapier Chrome Plugin — Stop doing link settings manually. Add Zapier Google Plugin and create short links with password, cloaking, and expiration date in 2 clicks.

Segment is a service, which collects customer data from any web-platform and sends it to different marketing and analytical tools.

There are too many apps you can connect to via Segment. However, we marked out some spread ones.

  • Slack — When someone clicks your short link, you receive a notification about the clicks in a Slack channel.

  • Facebook Pixel —Facebook shows the advertisement only to those people who've clicked a short branded link.

  • AdRoll — AdRoll displays the ads to those visitors, who've clicked your short branded link.

  • Google Analytics — Track detailed statistical data, like UTM parameters.

  • Heap Analytics — Track links success without annoying parts of analytics. Just insights.

  • Mixpanel — Get the deep traffic of your short branded links.


Create short links straight from Slack platform and immediately share a new link with your team or business partners. Slack

WordPress Plugin

WP Plugin creates short links for new articles. WordPress Plugin

Google Chrome Plugin extended the opportunities of using Google Chrome extension. Now you can quickly shorten, customize, copy short links, and change the domain. Google Chrome Plugin

IOS app

Create short links using iOS application. IOS App

MacOs app

Create short links with macOS app. MacOS App

If Bitly service is too expensive, migrate from Bitly to Bitly migration

Conclusion continues to update the list of integrations. If you are interested in integrating with or need detailed information about the integrations above, contact support.

The article is about:

  • integration.
  • integrates with extensive set of apps.
  • How to configure integrations.
  • Which apps integrates with.

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