and Slack integration and Slack integration

Slack is a platform which brings people together. With Slack app unite the team for setting common goals and sharing company news. Thanks to an API, Slack platform works with many services. Thus, connect Slack conversations with 1500 apps to streamline your work. and Slack integration is one of the apps Slack works with. allows to create short links using your own domain. For example, "" becomes "".

There are two ways of applying and Slack integration.

  1. With the help of Zapier. Detailed about this method here:
  2. Just with the help of and Slack.

The second method lets create short links straight from the Slack. The advantages are that you can quickly shorten a link without any additional program. Moreover, you can immediately share a new link with your team or business partners.

How to shorten a link from the Slack platform?

Make several steps for shortening:

  • Log into account.
  • Add a Slack integration in the “Integrations&API” tab.
  • Choose a domain for shortening links.
  • Go to your Slack workspace.
  • Write “/shorten” in any Slack channel/conversation and paste a long link.
  • Send this message.
  • The service will respond with a short URL.

Watch a video-guide below to make the installation process clear. In case of obstacles feel free to contact support.

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