Shorten Links with Telegram Bot

Shorten Links with Telegram Bot

Today, on the blog, we give you one more way to shorten links outside the dashboard. The Telegram bot is a great tool for creating short URLs without logging in to your account.

Why You Should Use the Telegram Bot for Link Shortening

The main advantage of shortening links via the Telegram bot is that it saves time. There is no need to open a browser, log in to a account, and so on. You just send a long link to the bot, and it answers with a short URL. After that, you can change the slug and apply some basic features.

Telegram Bot


How the Telegram Bot Works

The bot's operating process is based on a secret API key. To start link shortening with the bot, you need to authorize via the secret API key of your account. After that, the bot's features will be available.

With the Telegram bot, you can do the following things:

  1. Choose a domain.
  2. Shorten a link.
  3. Customize a slug.
  4. Enable cloaking.
  5. Add tags.

Watch the video below to see how the Telegram bot works.

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