Link Shortener for TikTok

Link Shortener for TikTok

TikTok boomed in 2019–2020. The app's audience continues to skyrocket. TikTok is considered a marketing tool for promoting your brand and sharing creative ideas and advice.

TikTok doesn't provide a built-in URL shortener, so you need to appeal to a third-party service. Fortunately, provides a browser extension that allows one to shorten links straight from a web page. The Chrome/Firefox/Edge extensions make it easy to create branded links on TikTok in a few clicks and leverage URLs for sharing videos.

Additionally, browser extensions allow you to download a QR code for a shortened link, meaning you can share a source in the form of a URL or QR code.

How to Shorten Links on TikTok

When using the extension, it's easy to create short URLs on TikTok. Add the Google Chrome,Firefox or Edge extension, shorten a link on TikTok and share it with your audience.

Note: The example below is for Google Chrome. You can repeat the same scenario for Firefox and Edge.

1. Add the extension.

2. Open a favorite video you want to share.

3. Click on the extension icon.


4. Log in to your account.


5. Shorten a page.


6. Customize a slug, copy the link, generate a QR code.


7. Share with your friends and colleagues.


Repeat the same shortening scenario for all other websites that you want to shorten. It takes you 3 seconds, but your audience will find a short URL much more convenient and clear.

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