How to Track Engagement with Short Links

How to Track Engagement with Short Links

Tracking short links success is a core reason why people start using a URL shortener. The idea of shortening links is to increase the number of visits and engage more customers thanks to URLs' shortness and readability. Integrations


Analyzing URLs engagement is possible in several ways, which we will discover below.

1. Detailed Statistics provides detailed statistics to deliver the core data about visitors, such as date/time of clicks, top operating systems, browsers, countries, referrers. The advantage of statistics is that you get an overall understanding of who your audience is and what content drives the most number of visitors.


2. UTM-tags

UTM tags are a useful tool for evaluating the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns. You can set up different UTM values depending on the purpose of a campaign. In case there is a button, link, pop-up window, or a banner, attach appropriate UTM tags to track the effectiveness. UTM parameters allow you to analyze different content types and determine which advertisement campaign drives the most traffic.

UTM-tags in Email Marketing

Source: Wufoo

3. Integration with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a worldwide application for tracking content success. You can integrate your short domain with GA to:

  • evaluate the traffic in realtime;
  • analyze targeting audience by demographics, interests, geo, technology, and mobile;
    -track visitors' behavior by getting such values as session duration, bounce rate, and page views.

4. Integration with Amplitude

The integration lets tracking the success of short URLs in the form of graphs and charts.

You can build funnels, displaying the number of users who have made some steps before making a purchase. You will find out what percentage of users leaves a particular stage of the funnel. Amplitude counts Retention, Rolling Retention, and Retention with a certain time interval: you can set a particular day to get more detailed data.


5. Integration with Mixpanel

Mixpanel is an advanced mobile and web analytics platform. With Mixpanel, measuring page views are replaced by analyzing the actions people take in your application, such as clicking a link or viewing a page.

The strength of Mixpanel analytics:

Events: Determination of the type of events to track
Insights: Advanced tools that use statistical methodologies
Funnels: Building and actively editing funnels, facilitating a dynamic and updatable analysis of conversions
Retention: Displays how users are using your app—you can see how your existing users come back and execute an action again.
Integrations: Integrations with third-party services



The mentioned above ways are only several possible methods on how to track short links' success. Learn about features and integrations to discover more valuable apps for tracking statistics.

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