How to Integrate with Trello

How to Integrate with Trello

Zapier for branded short links is a powerful weapon that strengthens work automation. and Zapier allow launching repetitive actions, like creating, changing, and sharing branded links. Once you set up the integration, the steps are carried out without your involvement.

Today, on the blog, we'll introduce you a helpfull Zap for your time and product management — & Trello.

Briefly about the Apps

Trello is a simple application for project management. One of the best features on Trello is that you can add tasks to a list (board). When you have finished a task, mark it as a completed.

The application is convenient for managing projects and assigning tasks to each participant. Asana allows you to sort tasks by different boards like "to do," "in progress," "waiting for deploy," and "done." Add team members to the project's tasks to track current progress. When you assign a card to a particular team member, you can send him/her a short link with a task. is a custom domain URL shortener that lets you create short links on your branded domain. The service is helpful as, apart from shortening links, provides advanced features, integrations and detailed statistics.

Briefly about the Integration

An idea of the integration is: When you add a new card (task) to a Trello board, a link for this card will be automatically shortened. Then you can share the link from the dashboard with your teammates or clients.

If setting up a Zap, you can additionally implement features in the links. For example, you can specify a custom slug, UTM tags, link expiration, link cloaking, and password protection. This allows you to create a fully customized link remotely from

Watch the video instruction on how to customize the and Trello Zap.

Visit our support to learn the detailed instruction


What did you learn?

  • time management tools;
  • manage your team and projects;
  • shorten links automatically;

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