5 Reasons For Students To Use Tools For Short Links

5 Reasons For Students To Use Tools For Short Links

A URL shortener. We all seem to have heard about it. But do we know that much about it? It is used by students, marketers, bloggers, and businessmen. Everybody who is at least somehow involved in social media life or spends some time on the web.

A URL shortener tool takes a long complicated URL and crashes it down by compacting it to a much smaller size. It can also be known as a link compressor, shrinker, condenser or even smalifier. So, don’t worry when you see one of these names. It is the same anyways.

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Now as you are aware of a general idea of how link shorteners work, let’s turn our attention on why students need them. Below you will see the most popular reasons for using link compressor tools. Let’s jump right in!

1) Makes sharing easier

To analyze the sources of traffic to the site in more detail, to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising or referral marketing, for example you will need to use UTM tags. This is additional data that is transmitted to the web analytics system. They are written after the main URL and are very long and weird-looking.

Indeed, there are many downsides to it:
• It is inconvenient to copy, forward, save.
• It looks ugly and may confuse some users.
• Takes up a lot of space (especially important in social networks, SMS-messages).

To make the link short and convenient, without losing an important "tail", it must be shortened. Then, it makes it easier to share your content without a confusing URL, but an attractive link. Not to mention you can fit more links in a content space with limited characters.

2) Tracks data

Many URL shorteners can track statistics on conversions with additional information such as geography and source. This range of data is invaluable to students who have any remote job. The track reposts show where viewers are coming from, when they are coming, and what interests them.

Moreover, URL shrinking tools access you to a convenient cabinet where all links with titles and tags are visible in the form of a diagram. There might be different filters by date and efficiency. Which becomes an idyllic home-office for any student who wants to be organized and not to miss a thing. A link shortener advances your tracking and statistics on your long links.

3) Pays online

What if we say it is possible to shorten links and make money out of it? Sounds crazy, right. Yet, very much real. The good news for you is that some companies are ready to pay you for shortening URLs. Moreover, there is a fair chance to make a fortune per visit or clicks. You can share a shrinked link on the Internet (blogs or websites, social media, forums, and so on) and get paid for it. Some students discover how to create QR codes, access API and integrate with popular foreign social networks and digital marketing tools. Then, after a short working day they can make $150 per hour.

As a rule of thumb the statistics will come along with the URL service:
• Revenue: How much money you earned with a URL shortener
• Clicks: How many clicks has a landing-page accumulated. You can also calculate CPC
• Views: How many views from an ad page are counted by a shortener

4) Helps to study

Sometimes, an essay, assignment or dissertation is not only about the content but also a unique visual presentation. Although, the first one also matters. In order to pass everything with flying colors, it is important to be a master of words. If you don’t have this base, the visual aspect won’t become your savior either. Visit writing service reviews such as Online Writers Rating or Best Writers Online to get help from professional writers. They can help you write, proofread and edit your paperwork.

Speaking of bibliography lists of your assignment, diploma, or whatever it is, you will need to link many authors and their works. And that;s when students actively use URL shorteners. It is way more useful and attractive, than a long and bizarre link to some PDF file or book. URL shorteners assist you during the university path and become vital during the graduation period or diploma submissions.

5) Shows professionalism

Customizing short URLs’ demonstrates your knowledge of current trends. When everyone jumps on the bandwagon, it will be weird when you do not do the same. Especially, when you know how useful link compressor tools are. Let’s say you are working for someone or doing a part-time job in the office for a prestigious company in between your studying sessions. A lot of enterprises you might end up at strive to be up-to-date.

Thus, you can use a URL shortener there to abbreviate any link tag, which is always very sloppy and untidy. It will not only help a company you are working for, but also you. It is a nice way to show your professionalism or expertise and boost recognition.


When it comes to social media, a URL shortener is a must-have tool that will save you a great deal of time and unwanted effort. If you are not using it at all or using it, yet for an only purpose, it is high time you changed the way you are working with projects, tasks, media, etc.

A shortened link is not about decreasing the size of the URL, but much more. It is about convenience, professionalism, and ease. Do not overlook link shorteners. Whether paid or free ones, they can let you make extra money on the internet and stop leaving money on the table. If you’re not already using them, it’s definitely time to start.

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