4 Useful Features of Short Links for SMS Campaigns

With our world well into the digital age, SMS campaigns continue to prove their worth as an effective tool for businesses to engage with their customers. There are roughly 6.92 billion smartphones worldwide, which means 86.29% of the global population is within arm's reach, with SMS marketing presenting a direct and personal means of communication.

However, while SMS campaigns are indeed powerful, they can become even more potent with the integration of short links. Let's explore the effectiveness of SMS campaigns and dig into four ways short links can amplify their impact.

The Effectiveness of SMS Campaigns

Aside from its significant reach, SMS campaigns have proven to be an effective means of advertisement for several other reasons.

One would be its instant reach. SMS messages are typically read within minutes of being received, making them one of the quickest ways to connect with your audience. They also have remarkably high open rates, often exceeding 90%, ensuring that your message is more likely to be seen than other marketing channels.

Another thing that sets SMS campaigns apart is that they offer a personalized touch, allowing businesses to address their customers by name and tailor their messages based on past interactions or preferences.

While SMS campaigns are effective, they come with limitations, and Short links provide a simple yet powerful solution to these challenges and more. Here are four ways in which short links enhance SMS campaigns.

Character Limit

SMS messages typically have a character limit of 160 characters. This limitation can be a hindrance when you want to include lengthy URLs. Short links come to the rescue by condensing long web addresses into a compact format.

For instance, a lengthy URL like "https://www.yourbusinesswebsite.com/products/special-offer" can be transformed into a concise and SMS-friendly short link like "bit.ly/specialoffer."

You free up precious character space within your SMS by utilizing short links, allowing you to craft more engaging and informative messages while staying within the character limit.


Long, convoluted URLs can be off-putting to recipients. When your SMS includes a lengthy web address, it not only consumes valuable characters but also diminishes the overall readability of your message. People are less likely to engage with a message that appears cluttered and unprofessional.

Short links, with their simplicity and brevity, enhance the readability of your SMS. They convey professionalism and clarity, making recipients more likely to click on the link to explore your offer or content. In essence, short links eliminate the visual noise that long URLs can create.

Tracking and Analytics

Using short links in SMS campaigns offers a profound advantage: the ability to track and analyze user engagement. This feature is instrumental in assessing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Incorporating short links into your SMS messages unlocks valuable insights into your campaign's performance.

Firstly, you can monitor the number of clicks on these links. For instance, if you're promoting a limited-time offer via SMS, you can see how many recipients have engaged with your offer in real-time by clicking the link. This instant feedback enables you to gauge the campaign's immediate impact.

Secondly, short link tracking provides geographical data on user engagement. Suppose you're running a nationwide SMS campaign for a retail chain. By analyzing which regions generate the most link clicks, you can tailor future promotions to specific geographic areas. If a particular city shows high engagement, you can prioritize that location for future marketing efforts.

Additionally, tracking the time of day when links are clicked can be immensely beneficial. You can adjust your SMS sending schedule to maximize engagement during this period.

In sum, the ability to track and analyze user engagement through short links empowers data-driven decision-making. It lets you refine your SMS campaigns and better understand your audience's behavior, ultimately optimizing your marketing strategies and resource allocation.

The timing of SMS campaigns can significantly impact their success, and short links offer a critical advantage when managing link expiration. In the world of SMS marketing, every moment counts, and sending a recipient to an expired offer can lead to a negative user experience and lost opportunities.

Short link services often provide a valuable feature: setting expiration dates for your links. This feature ensures that recipients are directed to the relevant content or offer within a specific timeframe when they click on the link.

For example, if you're running a weekend flash sale and send out SMS messages with short links, you can set the links to expire on Sunday night. This way, anyone clicking the link after the sale ends is informed promptly that the offer has concluded, preventing disappointment and frustration.

Moreover, in cases where a link has expired, short link services offer the flexibility to redirect users to a customized landing page. This landing page can provide alternative offers, information about upcoming promotions, or simply an apology for the expired offer.

This redirection avoids the dreaded 404 error and allows you to salvage the user's engagement by offering them something else of value.

Use a Reputable Shortener

While short links offer numerous advantages, it's essential to use a reputable link-shortening service. A reliable shortener ensures your links are consistently available and secure. Free, no-name shorteners can close down, leaving your links broken. They can also steal your data.

Before choosing a shortening service, consider factors such as reputability, link customization options, analytics capabilities, and pricing plans to determine which best aligns with your SMS marketing needs.

Some popular URL-shortening services include Bitly, TinyURL, and Rebrandly, among others. Our shortener of choice, however, is Short.io. Short.io is trusted by big corporations worldwide and comes with several budget-friendly options (even a free one).

Short.io also gives you more bang for your buck. With Short.io, you get all the features you need and more services for a cheaper price while still being rest assured that your links and data are protected.

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