WHOIS Data | Short.cm

WHOIS Data | Short.cm

WHOIS provides information about domains, which are stored in the database on the server owned by the registrar. With WHOIS, you can find out the domain owner’s name, address, contact e-mail, and phone number, as well as contact information for administrative and technical issues.

Why do you need WHOIS data?

  • To understand if a particular domain is available or not.
  • To contact the resource administrators hosted on the domain.
  • To study the sites of competitors and form a personal tactic of promotion.
  • To contact the owner about the purchase/sale of rights to the domain name.
  • To notify the resource administrators about intellectual property infringement.
  • To investigate the causes and launchers of spam attacks.

How to use WHOIS data?

WHOIS server has a database where all domain names are stored. The database includes all existing domain names. To get the information you need about the domain, you must enter the domain address in the input field. In a few seconds, you will be provided with the requested information. The content and amount of information may vary depending on where and by whom the domain was added. Otherwise, there is a general structure of the provided data.

Examples of WHOIS services:


How to hide private data?

You can hide your data from third parties for an additional fee. This feature is available in any domain registrar. Then, the registrar’s data or "Private person" mark will be used instead of your data in the WHOIS site. To contact you, the searcher has to fill out a feedback form.

WHOIS privacy and Short.cm

In Short.cm, we keep the privacy of our users in the utmost security. We don't want our users to face any unnecessary risks online. Therefore, to guarantee your privacy, we're offering free WHOIS privacy for some top-level domains registered through Short.cm. At no additional fee to our customers, we'll replace your personal information, ensuring your data does not become public. You decide to hide private data or not by yourself.

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